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7 ways to increase your sales this summer

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Between outdoor activities and people going on vacation, for many business owners, summertime can mean a slower season for sales. But summer doesn’t have to be a season of low revenue. Instead, there are tactics you could implement right now to help make the most of the vacation season for your business.


Here are 7 summer marketing ideas designed to help bring in sales and grow your small business.

1.  Post your seasonal offerings online

Through your website, social media accounts, or, preferably, both, you can help boost revenue by reminding your audience that you are a go-to source for their summertime needs. The content you share doesn’t necessarily have to directly relate to selling your products or services.

There are ways to share content that’s engaging while still keeping it relevant to what you do. For example, a restaurant might offer summer recipes; a retailer could share summer vacation/staycation ideas. By providing content your customers can enjoy, your business will be top of mind when someone needs to purchase items or schedule services for their summer plans.

2.  Offer online ordering and delivery service options

One silver lining in a slow season is that you can try out new customer experiences with time to tweak them. Plus, if you can get it right, you have found a new way to boost summer revenue and survive the lean times. These have shown to be very successful with consumers who like the idea of buying online and picking up in the store on their schedule. 

This gives the customer more control over their purchase, which may get them to buy more. Additionally, you may also want to consider a delivery service option, using either an in-house team member or third-party service provider like DoorDash or Skip the Dishes. Another strategy for boosting summer retail sales is to offer curbside pickup so customers can come to your store without having to leave their vehicles.

3.  Make personal callouts to your loyal customers

Not many people actually use the phone to make calls anymore, so stand out from the crowd by choosing five customers a day and calling them to thank them for their business, as well as to highlight specials or promotions. Look for those customers who may have listed a summer birthday so you can use this as a starting point for the personal outreach. 

Even if they don’t pick up the phone, leave a message. If you aren’t sure about this, it’s still okay to opt for an email or text with the same messaging.

4.  Consider updating your prices

There’s always the fear that you could lose customers if you raise prices, which is probably why you might not have done so in years. However, this is the time to stop operating in fear and start boosting those sales. As long as you communicate why you are raising your prices, customers that appreciate the value you bring to their lives will stay with you regardless. They understand that inflation happens and prices do go up over time. 

5.  Expand your selection with new products

A summer slowdown can also give you space and time to try out new products, testing items in ways similar to trying out new customer experiences. Look for seasonal items or products about which customers have recently asked. Then, find vendors to help you offer those and promote them on all your channels. For example, if you are a restaurant, create a seasonal menu that is only available for a short time. Even retail products can be billed as limited-time only items to encourage more purchases. 

Let your regular customers know there are new products that they need to try and provide feedback. You can do this by contacting them directly through email, text, or phone.

6.  Update your online presence with seasonal graphics

Your customers and audience are in a summertime mood. Your business should reflect this same spirit. While you may already add seasonal graphics during the holidays, it’s good to change them up during the summer season. These visuals will be engaging and may even encourage your audience to shop. 

For example, put a beach or other summer symbol photograph as a cover or profile photo on your social media sites. Add summer graphics to your website or special summer promotions landing page. You may even add some summertime videos featuring your staff or photos of your team enjoying outdoor concerts or fairs. Ask customers to send in their best summer holiday pics and feature those on your social channels.

7.  Engage with your community at seasonal events

In-person events have become popular again as a way to reconnect. More towns and cities are having festivals and fairs. This is an opportunity to boost summer revenue and interact with the community and potential customers. As a restaurant, you may want to get involved in a food festival or, as a retailer, set up a booth at a summer fair.

You may also want to invest in a sponsorship that gets your brand noticed in more places besides just at the local event. This marketing tactic provides a way to get coverage online and direct connection to your website. You’ll also be featured in any event collateral that can help keep you top of mind with the audience long after the event ends.

Make the most out of summer

Rather than dreading the summer sales season, and what it could mean for your balance sheet, see it as an opportunity. Invest in the technology to leverage new revenue opportunities. Make the most of the summer marketing ideas outlined above, which also allow you to enjoy and have fun with what you are doing. Get into the spirit of summer and your audience will be inspired to buy from you.

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