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Track and manage your online orders with Deliverect

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Restaurant owners know firsthand how popular online ordering has become in recent years. But with so many platforms for consumers to choose from, coordinating all your orders can be a challenge.  Deliverect is now fully integrated with Clover so you can conveniently manage all your online orders directly from your Clover POS device.


The Deliverect app, available in the Clover App Market, tracks and manages all your online orders from various platforms like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Skip the Dishes, and enables you to send them directly to your Clover POS. Deliverect helps to streamline your online order intake process and can help save you time, improve operational efficiency, reduce manual errors,  and increase your staff productivity.

Key Features of Deliverect

  • Manage and sync all of your online orders across multiple platforms on one device – no need for manual order entries
  • Multi-platform menu management
  • Advanced reporting features to help you identify opportunities for growth

Managing your Orders

Forget about coordinating your online orders from separate tablets and devices.  With a Deliverect account you’ll receive all incoming online orders on one device.  Once an order is accepted it is sent directly to the kitchen through your Clover POS, allowing you to skip manual entry completely!  Deliverect gives you the ability to integrate as many delivery platforms as you like, and the best part – you’ll have a complete overview of your online orders all on your Clover POS.

Managing your Menu

If you’re on multiple ordering platforms, you know how tedious and time consuming updating each menu can be. The Deliverect app gives you the ability to sync your Clover menu directly to the app, where you can use their Menu Builder to edit and update your menu across multiple ordering platforms.  Since Deliverect integrates with Clover, the app will automatically adjust your inventory as soon as orders are accepted.  And, with their Menu Builder you can even snooze items as soon as they’re out of stock to avoid any mix-ups or disappointments. Deliverect also gives you the option to add multiple menus and have them available at different times, whether its limited time offers, special promotions, or happy hour menus. 


Deliverect’s reporting feature can help you gain insights to your best-selling products so that you can identify opportunities to grow.  The app is equipped with a reporting dashboard that gives you a centralized overview to compare sales by ordering platform, location, items sold, and more.  Deliverect’s reporting and analytics feature gives you the insights you need to optimize your menus, create effective promotions, and even make negotiations with delivery partners. 


To get started with Deliverect there is a one time setup fee, and monthly subscription fees are charged by the amount of orders you process per location. Subscriptions range from $69 to $149 per month. 

Get Started with Deliverect

There are a few ways you can get started:

  1. Login to the Clover Dashboard and click More Tools in the left navigation > type Deliverect in the search bar at the top of the page > once you’re on the Deliverect app page, select Connect;
  2. To download Deliverect directly on your Clover POS, simply click More Tools on your Clover device > type Deliverect into the search; or
  3. Visit the Deliverect page in the Clover App Market

If you’d like to learn more before you commit to a subscription, request a free demo from the Deliverect Team today.

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