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Guide: Set up alphanumeric display on your Clover PIN pad

Editorial Team

1 min read
Man making a payment using a Clover Flex POS.

Remembering personal identification numbers (PINs) is an essential part of our daily lives, be it for bank accounts, payments, phone locks, or digital passwords. While numeric PINs are commonly used for banking, some individuals opt for a different approach by using words to remember their PINs.


Some individuals use alphanumerical displays to remember their PINs, tapping into the human brain’s ability to recall words more easily than numbers. For example, “B-E-S-T” can represent the PIN 2378, making it easier to recall.

In response to merchant feedback, Clover Canada has introduced a new feature in the settings that allows users to customize their PIN pad display. Now, in addition to numbers, the PIN pad can also show alphabetic letters giving users the flexibility to choose whether they prefer a purely numeric display or one that includes letters as well.

This option aims to cater to different user preferences and make the PIN entry process more convenient and personalized. Enabling alphabetic characters on the Clover PIN pad is a simple process that enhances the user experience. Simply follow the steps below to change your display.

How to enable Alphabetic characters on your Clover PIN pad:

  1. On your Clover POS home screen, select Setup
  2. Next, select Payments
  3. Then select PIN Entry
  4. Finally, select Enable Alphabetic characters on PIN pad

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