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Benefits of contactless payments & QR codes

Quick Response (QR) codes and contactless payments are now permanent features of modern life. Both technologies were invented decades ago,

Better Business

6 tips for small businesses to improve customer retention

Did you know that attracting new customers is up to five times  as expensive as converting your existing users? This


Track and manage your online orders with Deliverect

Restaurant owners know firsthand how popular online ordering has become in recent years. But with so many platforms for consumers


Guide: Set up custom taxes and fees

Whether you’re a restaurant owner or run a retail store, you are responsible for collecting taxes and fees. As a

Customer Service

How to deal with product returns and refunds

Returns, refunds, and even chargebacks are all a part of doing business. If you sell goods and services to others,

Biz Ops

Turn your Clover into a Point-of-Sale System

Did you know you can transform your Clover payment device into an all-in-one POS System by simply choosing a software


5 reasons your business can benefit from Time Clock by Homebase

Staying organized with employee scheduling and payroll is essential for any successful business.  With so much on the go, it

Run your Business

Clover’s comprehensive guide to employee retention and fulfilment in the workplace

Today’s labour market is becoming increasingly competitive, making employee retention and satisfaction more important than ever. A recent study by

Health and Beauty

La Peau D’or Beauty Wellness Spa

In this installment of Meet the Merchant we speak to Ann Marie, owner of La Peau D’or Beauty Wellness Spa


Manage all aspects of your business with the Clover Dashboard

The Clover Dashboard is an effective way to keep your sales, employees’ performance, inventory, Clover apps, and business goals –

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