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Biz Ops

5 small business trends & practices that are here to stay post-pandemic: services industry

The past few years have given us perspective on the many things we’ve taken for granted; from moving freely and


How accepting recurring payments can benefit your business

Q:  What is something many small businesses and service providers have in common that would be helpful to simplify and

Product Updates

5 reasons Clover Register is perfect for Retail

Every business has its unique requirements and, as a result, Clover continues to improve its hardware and software to provide


What is 2 Factor Authentication and why is it essential for merchant security?

Small businesses are increasingly becoming the target of hackers and cyber attacks for the simple reason that many small businesses

Customer Service

8 ways your cashier checkout script can help increase sales

Pride of ownership tends to give small businesses the character and dedicated customer focus that big businesses lack – and

Product Updates

Enhance your restaurant’s contactless experience with Scan to Order

If you’ve dined at a restaurant in the past year, chances are you’ve encountered a scannable QR code at your


7 ways to impress holiday shoppers to gain return customers

According to Retail Council of Canada, Canadians are planning to spend significantly more this year and are looking forward to

Customer Service

5 things to remember when dealing with difficult customers

Every business encounters difficult customers. Even with excellent customer service and an all-star staff, you’re still bound to have a

Biz Ops

Why Clover Online Ordering is the perfect addition for your restaurant

Since the start of the pandemic, restaurants have had to get creative with their business models to navigate the ongoing

Better Business

How your restaurant can profit from online ordering systems

Online ordering was already a popular trend before the pandemic, but it’s become increasingly more so as frequent stay at

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