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Turn your Clover payment device into a Point-of-Sale System

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Woman in a retail store making payment on a Clover Station Duo POS

Did you know you can transform your Clover payment device into an all-in-one POS System by simply choosing a software plan that fits your business needs? Clover provides you with the hardware and software to run your business and, as a Fiserv company, provides the ability to process credit and debit card payments seamlessly.


Clover, an all-in-one System

At first glance, the handheld Clover Flex and countertop Clover Mini may simply look like payment terminals, but with the right software plan they can be transformed into a full point-of-sale (POS) system, creating a complete solution for you to take payments and manage every part of your business, from staffing to invoicing. 

Clover software plans were created to help you streamline your business operations and are tailored to meet your unique business needs. And, no matter the software plan you choose, all Clover users have access to the Clover Dashboard, where you can view and manage all your  business’ information from virtually anywhere, in real-time.  All you need is an internet connection.  The Clover Dashboard is an effective way to keep your sales, reporting, employees’ performance, inventory, Clover apps, and business goals – all organized in one central location. You can also use the Dashboard to set up recurring payments, take card-not-present payments using our Virtual Terminal, or issue Invoices and request payments from clients.

At Clover, we’re always thinking about the features that would be most valuable for you and your customers so we’re evolving our hardware and software to provide you with a solid foundation for growth.

Clover makes it easy for you to do what you need, all from one Clover system. 

Choose a Software Plan   

Clover lets you future-proof your business with several software plans for all business verticals, and, as your business needs evolve, you can simply change software plans all from the convenience of the Clover Dashboard

Clover helps you get ahead and stay ahead by providing innovative features and functionality that are evolving with the changing environment, and Clover is cloud-based so you will always have the latest updates made to the software (and hardware) without having to contact us. With Clover, you can transform your business fast, all while making smart business decisions

Compare our Software Plans

Essentials Software Plan

Clover Essentials is our baseline, entry-level plan and is ideal for services businesses, small retailers and other non-restaurant merchants with basic inventory needs. The Essentials software plan provides several ways to accept payments whether that is in store, online, or offsite. With the Clover Essentials Software Plan, you can: 

  • Accept payments with or without a hardware device
  • Track your sales
  • Manage simple inventory

The Clover Essentials plan can be used with the Clover Flex and the Clover Mini.

Register Software Plan

The Clover Register Software Plan is built specifically to meet the needs of retailers.   Register allows you to reconcile sales across your physical and eCommerce channels to better manage your business. Easily take payments online with the Virtual Terminal or in person with the Clover Flex, Clover Mini, or Clover Station Duo. This plan includes all the features of the Essentials software plan, with additional features retailers need: 

  • Advanced inventory management with the option to create custom item variants; 
  • Weight scale support to sell items by weight and more accurately keep track of inventory
  • Process refunds and item exchanges

The Register Software Plan is supported on the Clover Flex and Clover Mini, and you can also upgrade your hardware to Clover Station Duo, which provides a larger 14-inch screen and a customer-facing display. 

Counter Service Software Plan  

Clover Counter Service Software Plan is the all-in-one restaurant management and payments plan created exclusively for fast casual, quick serve, cafes and all other counter service restaurants. This plan gives you the ability to: 

  • Create and update your menu on the fly
  • Receive orders directly to your POS system from the web
  • Communicate between front of house and back of house with order printers, kitchen printers and customer kiosks.
  • Save customer information and create pre-authorized/bar tabs 

The Counter Service Restaurant plan is available on all Clover devices and is best suited for quick service restaurants. 

Table Service Restaurant Software Plan

Run your restaurant and accept payments with the Clover Table Service Restaurant Plan. Designed for full-service restaurants, the Table Service Restaurant Plan allows you to:

  • Create table layouts, save defaults and change them on the go
  • Manage multiple guests and bills
  • Take, fire and modify orders tableside with the Cover Flex
  • Fire orders to multiple printers or kitchen displays
  • Track guest orders, print individual bills, close out partial bills, split checks
  • Use Scan to Order with QR codes to take contactless orders

The Table Service Restaurant Plan is available on all Clover devices and restaurant accessories are available such as kitchen displays and printers for smoother hand-offs. 

Get Started:

Upgrade your payment terminal to a POS device today by simply:

  1. Logging into your Clover Dashboard
  2. Go to Account and Set up
  3. Under Billing and Statements, Click Service Plan

Pick the software plans that fits your business needs. Accept payments and run your business efficiently all from one device.  

If you want to learn more about how Clover can help you accept paymentsrun your business and sell more, please contact your Clover Business Consultant. You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram

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