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Find the scheduling app that fits your business needs

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How much time do you spend every day looking at your calendars? It takes time to manage your employees in addition to booking clients, dealing with customers who cancel and reschedule appointments. Often these tasks can become overwhelming and take you away from doing what you love.


Employee scheduling apps make running your business easier, providing you one place to keep your schedule shared among your entire staff; keep clock-ins and outs, breaks and overtime recorded; message your entire team; or provide shift reminders, and much more.

Booking apps give you control of your client calendar, providing you with the tools for booking or rescheduling client appointments, making or changing guest reservations.  In addition to being beneficial for you and your staff, your clients will also love the convenience of being able to make or reschedule their appointments online at a moment’s notice rather than phoning, leaving a voicemail and hoping someone will call them back.

Clover appointment booking and employee scheduling apps make planning seamless

Discover four appointment booking and scheduling apps in the Clover App Market that will help keep you focused, staffing in check, and your clients happy. These apps are connected directly to your Clover POS system1, so you have everything you need for your business at your fingertips.

Homebase Employee Scheduling and Time Tracking App

The Time Clock and Schedule apps by Homebase, available in the Clover App Market, helps the busiest businesses manage employee scheduling, time clocks, payroll, communication, and more. Homebase will save you 5-10 hours per week on team management. With these Homebase apps, you can:

  • Turn your Clover device into a time clock to track hours, breaks, and overtime, simplifying payroll.
  • Publish your schedule online so you can adjust it as needed and share it instantly with your team.
  • Turn your timesheets into hours and wages in payroll, and Homebase automatically calculates paychecks, sends direct deposits to employees, and files your payroll taxes.
  • Send a message go your whole team
  • Know that your employees are on time, even when you aren’t there in person.

The Homebase apps are available to download on all Clover devices, no matter what payment plan you are using.

Pricing Options*:  The basic version of the app is free to download and use, and there are additional monthly subscription options from essentials to fully featured as outlined below.   

The Basic version is free and includes Time Clocks & Time tracking, Breaks & Overtime, Scheduling & Availability, Built-In Messenger, Team Roster, Hiring, Payroll Integrations, Live Support, and Labor shift reporting (Printable on Clover).

Essentials is priced at $19.95 per month and includes all Basic Features, Health & Safety Screening, Remote & Field GPS Tracking, Performance Management, Events & Reminders, Late Alerts, and Reports.

Plus is priced at $49.95 per month and includes all Basic and Essentials Features, Early clock-in Prevention ($200 monthly savings!), Budgeting & Labor Cost Forecasting Tools, Departments, Permissions, Advanced Compliance, Time off policies & PTO Accrual.

All-in-One is priced at $99.95 per month and includes all Homebase Features including Onboarding with e-signature, document storage, new hire forms, live HR advisors, handbook builder, and resource library.

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Time Clock Wizard App

The Time Clock Wizard app available in the Clover App Market provides employee scheduling, time tracking, full-service payroll and historical timesheet reports, allowing you to:

  • Schedule your employees
  • Track their clock-ins and clock-outs  
  • Track your payroll

Pricing Options*: The app is free to download and free to use for the first 3 months.  The cost for the app includes monthly subscription options that vary in price depending on features and functionalities you need for your business as outlined below.

The Free version includes Remote employee time tracking to keep track of clock ins and outs as well as breaks.  

Value is priced at $19.95 per month and includes the Free Features, Remote employee monitoring to track what your remote employees are working on and subtract time when they are inactive, Timesheet reports, Android/iOS apps, and Manager SMS/email notifications.   

Pro (for up to 50 users) is priced at $39.95 per month and includes all Free and Value features, employee scheduling, payroll reporting, photo capture at clock-in, Paid Time Off (PTO) Benefit Accruals, GPS employee locator, Clock in Location Restrictions, Task Management, Real-time activity stream, Expense Reimbursements

Enterprise is priced at $179.95 per month and includes all the Features listed above as well as Priority Support and a Dedicated Account Manager. 

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7Shifts Restaurant Scheduling & Time Clocking Apps1

The 7Shifts app is made specifically for scheduling restaurant staff and manage requests on the go.  You will be able to easily

  • Create schedules with a few simple clicks
  • Simplify time and attendance, compliance and payroll
  • Stay connected with your team
  • Easily find, track and hire new team members
  • Customize tip pools and ensure your employees get paid tips on time
  • Use the Manager Log to keep your managers in sync on daily operations

Pricing Options*: The app is free to download and free for single locations. Free trial available for 14 days. There are annual subscription options available that vary in price depending on the number of employees and locations you have.

The Comp version is free for single locations with up to 10 employees and includes scheduling, time off and availability; time clock and timesheets; team chat and announcements, hiring and applicant tracking, employee engagement tracking. 

Appetizer is priced at $19.99 per month per location for up to 20 employees. This plan includes the Comp Features, unlimited scheduling, the ability to edit timesheets and track multiple wages, SMS notifications, POS integration and reporting.  

Entrée   is priced at $43.99 per month per location for up to 30 employees, and includes all Comp and Appetizer features, schedule templates, labour budgeting and sales forecasting, PTO, break and overtime tracking, POS integration (real-time labor) and read receipts

The Works is priced at $76.99 per month per location for unlimited employees and includes all the features listed above as well as advanced budgeting, labour alerts (OT, break, clock-in and shift reminders, Manager Logbook, and payroll integration.  Gourmet is for Enterprise restaurants and chains and is priced at $125 per month per location for unlimited employees and includes all the features listed above as well as advanced labour management tools for restaurants.

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Cojilio Booking and Client Loyalty Platform for any service-based business

The Cojilio app is a booking app for your staff as well as for your clients. Cojilio is fully integrated with Clover Payments.  The Cojilio app can:

  • Allow staff and client approve, edit appointments, chat with clients, approve consultations
  • Auction off a last-minute availability, start a promotion or seasonal sale, or announce a new service by pushing a notification to your client’s smartphone home screen.
  • Link your booking portal to your “book” button on your website.  Your clients will be able to seamlessly book and purchase your services, packages and classes on their desktop or mobile phone.
  • Provide an iOS and Android app for clients to book, receive reminders for follow-ups and re-fills, save their credit cards for auto-pay, view your galleries and promotions, chat with specialists, submit in-app consultations, and more.
  • Customize services to require a deposit upon booking.  Once the appointment is confirmed by you, the deposit is already in your bank account.
  • Allow your clients to pay for services immediately after they book or wait until they arrive.
  • Accept all major credit cards, and clients have the option to save their credit card information for quick and easy in-app payments.

Pricing Options*:   The app is free to download and there is a free 14 days trail available for with all booking subscriptions. There are annual subscription options available that vary in price depending on the number of employees and locations you have.

Basic is priced at $29.99 per month for one location and one staff, and includes online booking for clients, unlimited appointments, online calendar for staff, Clover payments and email and SMS reminders (75 SMS/month/location).

Premium is priced at $49.99 per month for one location and one staff and includes everything in Basic as well as Booking app for Clients, packages, digital consultations, push notifications, in-app chat and 150 SMS/month/location.

Elite is priced at $69.99 per month for one location and one staff and includes everything in Basic and Premium as well as Loyalty program, private galleries, mobile services, 1 on 1 setup assistance and 300 SMS/month/location.

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Choose one or more of the Clover apps above to integrate scheduling into your Clover system and take the time saved to do the things you love about your business. Visit our Clover App Market to discover more tools that can help you run your business.

* The pricing in this article is in Canadian dollars, as reflected in the Clover Canada App market.

1 Your Clover needs to be running the Counter Service software plan or Table Service Restaurant software plan to enable Clover Online Ordering and the use of these delivery aggregators

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