The Top 10 Productivity Apps for your Quick Service Restaurant

August 2, 2016

Americans always seem to be rushing somewhere: from home to work, from school to soccer practice, from the gym to a dentist appointment. With all that running around, it’s no wonder that quick service restaurants (QSR) are immensely popular. In fact, in 2015, the sector generated $273 billion in consumer spending.

With chaos at the counter, customers running in and out, and call-in orders to fulfill in a timely fashion, QSRs can’t risk operating with delays or a decline in productivity. That’s why Clover PRO™ POS has small business owners’ backs. It operates as your core register and streamlines fast-paced operations by processing every single payment reliably and safely.

To keep your business running in top-notch form, download the following 10 apps onto your Clover system. They simplify your daily tasks, reduce errors, and create a smoother, faster experience for customers.


Data gives you a valuable numerical look into the workings of your restaurant. Use this app to learn how much of your business is made up of repeat customers, what your most popular items are, the amount spent by the average customer and more. It even allows you to compare your business to others and reveals upcoming trends to keep your eye on.


Don’t waste time trying to figure out your top-performing deals. Let this app do it for you. It creates an endless number of discount possibilities, ranging from instant discounts when a customer buys a pre-determined combo of items to discounting the lowest-priced item on a check.


Almost 70 percent of millennials want to use apps or their smartphone, tablet, or wearable device to keep track of their rewards. Use this app to create a customized loyalty program for your business and turn those tech-centric, one-time customers into regulars.


You’ll love this app because it enables your company to make deliveries on-time and as efficiently as possible by assigning orders to drivers and planning timesaving routes. Your customers will love it because it allows them to see where their delivery is in real-time.


Take your brick-and-mortar eatery into the digital world. Customers will appreciate that they can see a current menu, place an order directly via desktop or smartphone, and receive text updates about their order’s status.


Gift cards make it easy for your regulars to treat their friends and family to an outing at their favorite spot. In just minutes, you can easily sell them physical and digital gift cards at the register with this app.


Building employees’ work schedules can be a huge time suck. Improve your own productivity with this app, which tracks clocking ins and outs, breaks, and overtime, manages time-off requests, and makes it easy for workers to swap swifts.


Instead of spending valuable time reconciling your registers each day, this app does it for you—monitoring cash in and out, calculating tips, and printing shift reports.


If you’re a Quicken Books or Xero devotee, this app allows you to connect that record-keeping system with your Clover for seamless accounting.


This app automatically invites every single customer to tell you his or her likes and dislikes about your business. Even better? Since you make it easy for customers to leave feedback, they’re less likely to leave negative comments on public websites such as Yelp or Facebook.

What are you waiting for? Start downloading these from the Clover App Market today!

[image: 076B4642 by Bruce Tuten on flickr]

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