Product spotlight: Take the power of Clover POS on the go

October 20, 2017

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance has sparked a lot of necessary changes in recent years to enable greater security for consumers while protecting merchants from the potential threat of fraudsters. As a result, many have updated their point of sale to the latest generation of hardware and software packages.

This change brings many small businesses into the 21st century, enabling them to customize their POS software to their business with never-before seen flexibility. But many merchants are unaware of just how much more this generation of hardware could be doing for their business.

Take Clover Mobile, for example. Being the big brother of the Clover portables set, Clover Mobile packs a lot of functionality into its small tablet-sized hardware. Built for speed and stability, Clover Mobile packs all the payment processing power of the countertop Clover into a portable, handheld set. In addition, Mobile can do everything its stationary parent unit can—track inventory, reward loyal VIPs, schedule employees, and more—from the convenience of a hand-held mobile unit.

Then there’s Clover Go. The most portable of Clover devices, Clover Go is a pocket-sized mobile payments solution for those looking to take their business on the road. Users can accept chipped and swipe payments as well as contactless solutions like Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay, all with the safety, reliability, support, service, and protection of First Data.

Finally, there’s Clover Flex. Flex takes the portability of Clover Go and marries it with the feature set and durability of Clover Mobile to create a balance of portability, flexibility, and security. With a five-inch HD touch screen, built in barcode scanner and receipt printer, WiFi connection and 3G options, and a long lasting battery, you’re able to scan and manage inventory, print receipts and coupons, manage employee schedules, track sales data, and more, all while taking all of today’s chip, swipe, and contactless payments.

With so much power packed into each of these mobile point of sale machines, the opportunities are endless. With one of these machines at your side, you could improve the day’s receipts and improve your customer’s experience in any number of situations.

Delivery or catering service

If you deliver food to events, offices, or even homes, having a Clover portable allows you to take any form of electronic payment. The data—including gratuities—is immediately communicated to a main Clover terminal so that all transactions appear in your records without an extra step on your end.

Long lines at rush hour

Perhaps your business has a certain time of day when more customers need attention. To keep the line moving, you can send out a team member with a Clover portable to take orders and get the kitchen the information it needs to keep the line moving.

Mobile businesses

If you have a food truck, a mobile cafe, or a pop-up store, having a portable payments-processing device can be a life line. Clover portable devices can provide all the information you’d want to have—CRM database, inventory, and order tracking—no matter if you’re at a farmer’s market or a town bazaar. Wherever your business is, you have all of your information at your fingertips.

Seasonal spaces

Perhaps your business expands to include a patio or other space when weather permits. That can drastically increase your customer flow, so being prepared with portable devices is crucial. If your staff can meet the customers wherever they are without ferrying back to a central payments terminal, they’ll save time and energy that can be applied to other customers.

No matter which you choose, Clover Mobile, Clover Go, or Clover Flex, these portable devices make transactions easier for the customers and for you.

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