New & notable in the Clover App Market: January 2019

January 14, 2019

Each month we’re pleased to bring you new ways the Clover App Market can make your job (and your life) a little bit easier. This month we’re featuring apps that help you provide better customer service, keep the line moving, and get a birds’ eye view of your business at your fingertips.

Virtual Terminal

Sometimes you’ll be at your computer, away from your Clover devices, and need to make a transaction happen. Maybe you’re on the phone with a frustrated customer and need to make a refund, or maybe you just want to be able to take orders when you’re not in the store. Virtual Terminal allows you to process credit and debit cards through your web browser so you can do just that. And best of all, it’s free!


Everyone has seen machines that dispense change at checkout. Now you can connect one to your Clover! If you use the T-Flex Coin Dispenser by CPI, you can install the DispenseMe app for free to connect it to your register. With the T-Flex Coin Dispenser, you’ll experience

  • accurate change instantly
  • linebusting efficiency at checkout
  • extreme reliability
  • reduced shrink

With faster speeds and unbeatable reliability, this is a great option for merchants who make a lot of cash transactions.

Springboard Retail

Designed especially for businesses with multi-location or multi-platform structures, Springboard Retail allows for an instantaneous view of transactions, inventory, and more to keep you informed. With Springboard, you can create custom reports so that you only see the most relevant data for your decision-making process, but you can also handle order management, purchasing and receiving, and more. It’s easy to scale up and down as your business needs change, but it will allow you to make the smartest decisions to maximize your funds.

Be sure to check out these and other small business solutions available to you in the Clover App Market.

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