New & Notable Apps in the Clover App Market: September 2016

September 21, 2016

Learn about even more business apps from the Clover App Market that can expand your Clover device’s capabilities and help you get paid and sell more.

Whether small business owners are looking for something portable that fits in the palm of their hand or a powerful countertop model, Clover offers users a sleek, user-friendly POS system that accepts all types of payment methods. But dig deeper than that, and you’ll discover that there’s much more hiding inside that stylish white system.

Clover’s App Market enables you to run your business better, thanks to apps that track your hottest sellers, manage your employee payroll and schedules, issue gift cards, monitor inventory, and much more.

Here’s a peek inside just a few of the great apps available to you through your clover device.


If you have, say, a kitchenware or clothing store with several locations, clearly you’re an accomplished small business owner. Achieve even greater success by using the Shopventory app, which optimizes management of retail inventory across all locales. Not only does it store all of your sales and inventory reports in one place, but it also provides the total value of your stock at a glance.

Customize the app’s dashboard to view current data and compare it with historical sales performance in just seconds—reducing the time-consuming job of being a business owner by an average of six hours each week. You can also create personalized alerts that notify you when inventory of a specific item falls below your designated threshold. Easy-to-read tables provide detailed information—including quality sold, discounts applied, and total profit — on sales in a particular category.


Millennials love to do everything on their smartphones, including eHailing a car when they want to go somewhere. (The number of 20- to 24-year-olds without a driver’s license decreased by 15 percent from 1983 to 2014.) Combine that with the ever increasing population movement to urban centers and the global taxi market is expected to grow by 1 million vehicles by 2020. Which is why taxicab owners need to hail this app immediately for their Clover POS.

iCabbi is a tech platform that helps traditional taxi drivers regain market share by providing perks to customers they used to only get from private drivers, including the ability to book a ride online via a consumer-facing app and acceptance of credit- and debt cards and other contactless payment options. Riders can trace their progress on a map and request an e-receipt instead of a printed slip. Additionally, the enhanced security feature protects a rider by allowing them to alert dispatch with the tap of a finger.

Wash Dry Fold

When people drop off their clothes at a laundromat, they’re not trusting the staff to take care of their first-born child—but it’s close. If bleach gets on their favorite Coldplay concert t-shirt or their perfectly broken-in pair of jeans shrinks, there will certainly be a very angry customer to manage.

Wash Dry Fold’s clutter-free home screen makes it easy for any laundromat employee to input and check out customers, reducing the amount of time patrons need to allow for when dropping off their laundry. There’s a clear spot to enter personalized instructions (tumble dry low, no bleach), ensuring high-quality service for each patron. And the superb customer service doesn’t end when a full hamper is input into the system: text messages are sent when loads are marked “ready for pickup”—meaning that customers don’t show up in advance of their laundry being washed, dried, and folded.

A great POS system gives your small business the ability to make big strides, but these apps (and others in the Clover App Market) will help it peak.

Featured image by Flickr user katiew

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