New & notable in the Clover App Market: October 2017

October 10, 2017

October is a great time to ramp up the business and prepare for the holiday rush.

Are there enough checkout stations to keep lines moving? Can you better manage the influx of in-store, online, and mobile orders? How can you shorten delivery times?

In every area, the Clover POS helps small businesses run faster, smoother, and more efficiently. Not only does the Clover system expertly handle transactions at the counter or on the go, but a fleet of apps also simplifies scheduling, payroll, inventory, marketing, customer service, and more.

Plus, new apps are constantly added to the Clover App Market that target difficult or time-consuming tasks. Check out these four apps for speeding up deliveries, ordering, and checkout, as well as instantly disseminating information about your business across the web.

Better Delivery

Let’s face it, deliveries are often a bit of a mess. While orders eventually make their way into customers’ hands, they often get there via meandering paths, with little communication between runs.

Better Delivery makes the process far more efficient. When orders come in, Clover POS software assigns them to a geographical quadrant: SE, SW, NE, or NW. The nearest driver receives orders through a mobile app designed for their phones.

The app directs the driver to the shortest route for getting from place to place, then back to the restaurant. Employees save on fuel and frustration, while cutting delivery time for customers.

Better Delivery goes further to let customers and staff track orders in real time. The app links driver data to the company website so everyone can see where on a map the driver is located and when the food is expected to arrive.

Find out how easy it is to manage deliveries with a 30-day free trial.


Instead of funneling every customer and purchase through checkout lines, why not let select shoppers handle checkout themselves?

With ShopScanGo, trusted customers use an iOS app on their smartphones to scan items as they shop and add them to their tab. When done, they check out and pay with their app, at a self-payment station, or at a checkout counter—whichever works best for your setup.

The app delivers a faster, more empowering experience for both customers and merchants. The Clover station displays profiles of ShopScanGo customers as they enter the door and tallies items that they put in their baskets. You can monitor shoppers without lifting a finger, and reduce wait times without increasing staff.

ShopScanGo comes with a bonus feature as well: Use it to alert customers of storewide or targeted deals and drive traffic to the store. At checkout, discounts are automatically applied by simply tapping a button.

Effortless, cost-effective, ingenious—this is one simple app that makes a serious impact.

Clover Go Update

With the newly updated Clover Go, smartphones are transformed into mobile Clover processing stations.

This popular app lets delivery staff and on-the-move employees ring up orders and process payments right on their handheld devices. Every sale syncs with the Clover POS dashboard, helping you track data in one central hub.

New features make Clover Go even more useful and versatile. The app simplifies ordering with a redesigned checkout screen. Quickly and intuitively, it lets employees find items from an inventory and add them to an order. It automatically adds state and local sales taxes, reads credit and debit cards, and retrieves email addresses to make sending receipts a breeze.

Employees will appreciate a new feature that asks customers to select a tip, while merchants will enjoy administrative controls that ensure transactions are properly recorded and data accurately stored.

Clover Go helps you run your business smoothly, from anywhere.

Clover Online Listings

Dozens of websites list local business data, such as hours of operation, holiday closings, promotions, menus, and locations.

For businesses with the time to regularly add or update information, these services are great. But for everyone else, they can be a major headache. Consider what happens when someone reads that your restaurant is open at noon, but you’re actually closed until dinner. Frustrated customers rarely come back.

Clover Online brings order to the chaos. Now pre-installed on the Clover web dashboard for all Clover merchants, including Payments Plus clients later this month, this powerful software lets you quickly create a professional business presence, restaurant website, or e-commerce store.

But the new version of Clover Online doesn’t stop there. Clover Online Listings automatically publishes your business hours, location, phone number, website, products and much more across a network of maps, apps, search engines, social networks, and directories—70+ sites in all, including Google, Facebook, Yelp, Tripadvisor, Yahoo and more. Simply update once on the Clover dashboard and the app triggers changes as fast as each site allows, often within seconds. That means you can push your Holiday hours or promotions across the web almost instantly.

Another handy feature is in-store pickups. For merchants who deal with online purchases and shipping, the app offers buyers a “click-and-collect” option. During checkout, customers select pickup rather than shipping, and automatically receive an email when the order is ready.

Local customers save waiting time and mailing costs, while business owners gain an edge over their online competitors.

Discover these and a wealth of other tools for running your business in the Clover App Market or pre-installed on your Clover web dashboard.

[image: Take out by Damian Gadal on flickr]

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