New & notable in the Clover App Market: November 2017

November 7, 2017

Thousands of small businesses rely on their Clover point-of-sale systems to safely process orders and keep track of sales data. But most merchants boost their system with a vast array of apps that simplify and automate tasks.

Turn to the Clover App Market for apps that help you manage schedules, speed up deliveries, set up ecommerce sites, keep popular items in stock, seat customers more quickly, and much more. Every app is designed to lighten your load—no steep learning curve or configuration hassles, ever.

Here are three versatile apps that dramatically reduce the headache of inventory, purchasing, and customer ordering. Whether you own a restaurant or retail store, these tools will save you time and effort—immediately.


Wouldn’t it be great to focus on your restaurant’s final product instead of all the back-end work required to put in on the table?

Consider this startling fact: most restaurants spend two hours a day figuring out what they need to purchase and then manually filling those orders. That means endless phone calls, paperwork, tracking costs…and fixing errors.

MarketMan can do all the busywork for you. Designed for food and beverage businesses of every kind, the cloud-based app helps you control inventory, procurement, and accounting, while continually monitoring and improving profitability.

With MarketMan, you get a wealth of data and functions at your fingertips. The app lets you stay on top of inventory, track the cost of goods sold, receive alerts when an item is low, compare prices among vendors, place orders, handle delivery reconciliation, identify waste patterns, organize orders and invoices, calculate recipe costs, recognize when a menu item becomes less profitable, and more.

Try it out with a 30-day free trial, and see how quickly you can slash ordering and invoicing time, and even lower your food costs.

Springboard Retail

When you’re ambitious, one store is rarely enough. However, scaling up into additional locations or adding e-commerce options comes with unique challenges.

One of the biggest obstacles is maintaining control over a sprawling operation. What are people ordering at each location? How much stock do you have on hand? What do you need to purchase or move to another location?

Springboard Retail brings order to a growing enterprise. The app was developed for specialty retailers by retailers, who drew on firsthand experience trying to track inventory and sales across multiple stores and channels.

With a glance at the dashboard, you get real-time data on a customer’s frequency and average spend, daily sales, margins, returns, and transfers. You can generate reports for specific vendors, styles, sizes, brands, and inventory across all stores. You can even use data for your marketing efforts, segmenting customers and tailoring messages to reach each group.

Springboard Retail quickly improves your inventory management, purchasing and receiving, sales and ordering, and customer relationship management—and keeps an expanding business on track.

Sounddog with AirMenu

Large, busy restaurants can be loud and hectic—difficult conditions for meeting customers’ needs. Without a large wait staff, dining experiences often fizzle.

What if you could heighten that experience, while also increasing tabs and lowering costs? One mobile app makes it all possible.

Sounddog turns personal smartphones into interactive tools for placing orders, engaging customers, broadcasting specials, boosting ticket sizes with photos of food and drinks, and—for sports-themed establishments in particular—listening to the restaurant’s televisions.

Here’s how it works. Once customers download the app to their smartphones, they can select items from an enticing, picture-filled menu, and place orders wherever they are, whether at the table or offsite for pick-up. Alternately, servers can use their phones to send orders to the kitchen—a fast, inexpensive solution.

But ordering is not all that Sounddog does. For customers who want to watch a sports game or other programming, a TV option lets them select the station they want to hear through a dedicated WiFi network. No more straining through ambient noise and full-throated roars to watch a preferred station or game.

Additional functions let customers collect rewards, coupons, and access to specials and events—proven relationship-building features that you can activate from your customer dashboard.

Check out these and other apps at the Clover App Market, and find new ways to improve the business and free up valuable time.

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