New & notable in the Clover App Market: May 2017

May 15, 2017

Learn about even more business apps from the Clover App Market that can expand your Clover device’s capabilities and help you get paid and sell more.

While many businesses are attracted to the slick design of Clover’s handheld and countertop models, its true power lies in its ability to be flexible to any business, regardless of its needs.

Clover’s App Market offers a wide variety of apps, expanding its functionality beyond the traditional point-of-sale system to create a custom business center capable of any number of tasks and handling all of a small business’s day-to-day needs.

Below, we profile several of the powerful apps recently made available or updated in the Clover App Market.

Customer Relationship Management

Knowing who your customers are, where they’re from, what they like, and how they buy are key to reaching them on their terms.

That kind of information used to be restricted to large, complicated, enterprise-level software systems. Now, apps like Clover’s Customer Relationship Management (by BuyFi) bring that kind of intelligence and data to small businesses.

With the CRM app, small business merchants can segment customers by buying behavior—enabling proprietors and their staff to see who their regulars are, and how best to reach out to them via marketing efforts

Couple that with the ability to add customers to a cloud-based database right from the point of sale—growing your customer contact list—and send targeted emails to any selected segment. Customer Relationship Management brings the power of those expensive, often-complicated enterprise systems to any small business in an efficient and easy-to-use package.

Tap Mango

Many SMB-focused loyalty apps offer an expected functionality set—the ability to track customers purchase history, set reward conditions, distribute awards. Tap Mango stands out from the rest with its ability for businesses to create a customized loyalty program run from the Clover terminal.

Create branded keychain tags for your customers (putting a daily reminder of your business into their pocket) that allows them to check-in to your business, collect points for purchases, and redeem rewards, all within an app that maps to your business’s unique identity.

In addition, you’re able to run analytics on customer data, create customized deals targeting your unique customers, and develop marketing campaigns using the help of any number of Clover’s powerful, integrated marketing applications. And you can do it all from the Tap Mango portal on your Clover device.


For many creators, engineers, and project developers of all kinds, the Kanban board is an essential tool for collecting ideas and tasks, and managing their development in a simple, visual format.

SimpliBoard by Infuse for Clover brings the power of the Kanban method to any small business, enabling leaders to track projects, goals, and to-dos in a clean, efficient visual interface.

For the many businesses short on space for a traditional whiteboard or poster and sticky notes, SimpliBoard brings the simplicity and elegance of visual task tracking to the Clover terminal.

While the number of tasks a business owner has to handle in a day are many, these apps (and others in the Clover App Market) streamline the process, bringing all of your business’s needs into a singular interface—your Clover point of sale.

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