New & notable in the Clover App Market: February 2018

February 20, 2018

As you get rolling into 2018, we know you have a lot of irons in the fire. And chances are that maintaining productivity is at the top of that list. With your Clover POS system and the Clover App Market, you have an invaluable resource right at your fingertips that’s constantly being refreshed with apps specifically designed to help you get paid, sell more, and run your business better.

Every month we like to highlight a few of the new and notable apps that are quickly becoming some of our merchants’ favorites. Whether you’re running a restaurant, managing a retail outlet or just wanting to work more efficiently, these apps can help you do it.

Patron Connect

Want to give your customers greater control of their dining experience, drive more revenue, and market your restaurant to a new audience? Patron Connect lets your customers place orders and submit payment right from their mobile device. With this app from the Clover App Market, all of your mobile orders will come straight through your POS device, whether it’s a Clover Station, Clover Mini, or even a Clover Mobile.

Businesses that use order and pay ahead apps have been shown to have a 20% increase in ticket size, and the Patron Connect platform is a fantastic way to reach new audiences. You can even use the app’s Deal Feed to promote specials and events to Patron Connect users. Download the Clover app for free, and when it is installed, a Patron Connect representative will walk you through your various options for customization.

Split Pay & Tips

Do your customers and servers struggle with split checks? Not anymore! Split Pay & Tips allows servers to make payment more convenient for customers. It also allows for simple tip tracking to make sure all of your employees receive the tips they deserve while ensuring customers don’t have to worry about having the proper coins and cash.

You’re going to love the flexibility Split Pay & Tips offers. It lets you choose to split checks evenly, or itemize them for specific amounts. And, since it’s not just servers that deserve tips, it lets you collect tips for various employees, like shampoo assistant at a salon or any other individual employee. You can track all tips and generate tip summaries at the end of each day.


Staying organized is imperative for sustained success. That’s why there are apps like SimpliBoard. SimpliBoard allows for good organization and communication with a variety of notes and organized folders. You can track both short- and long-term projects, and generate checklists or repetitive tasks. It’s the perfect app for businesses with a lot of moving parts—florists, cleaners, restaurants, and more.

SimpliBoard also lets you easily organize tasks into To Do, In Progress, and Done so the status on each task is crystal clear. With a basic subscription, you can store boards locally on each device, but a Plus subscription syncs boards across all devices, including web platforms. If you’re using David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology, this will be a huge help!

Text Alerts

When you’re running your own business, nothing beats being in the know. That’s why there’s Text Alerts. Text Alerts is a customizable app that you can set to trigger texts or emails when any number of events takes place in your store. It’s a great way to manage efficiently and stay on top of things if you are moving between locations or working off site some of the time.

Text Alerts can trigger a message when any number of preset events take place, including an order over a specified amount is paid, a credit card transaction over a specific amount is voided, payment is made by check (helpful if you are concerned about fraud), and when new items are added to inventory.

You already have Clover in your corner. So make sure you get the most out of it with these apps (and more like them) in the Clover App Market.

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