New & notable in the Clover App Market: December 2017

December 18, 2017

Helping your business stay ahead of the competition requires reliance on the latest tools. That’s why there are Clover POS systems—and the Clover App Market. It’s constantly being refreshed with apps specifically designed to help you get paid, sell more, and run your business better.

Each month, we highlight a few of the new and notable apps available through your Clover device. These are some of our merchants’ favorites for engaging customers, taking care of inventory, and processing payments on the go.


No marketing budget? No problem! Movylo is an all-in-one customer engagement platform designed for small businesses without substantial marketing budgets. Its easy-to-use system allows overworked business owners just like you the opportunity to automate important actions—so you can give better customer care without spending a lot more time.

Movylo lets you address needs in customer acquisition, customer retention, promotional activities, ongoing engagement actions, and payment collection. You can even send bonus rewards to customers—for their birthday, upon certain spend minimums, or certain visits to the store—automatically! Pricing for Movylo is based on the number of customers in the database, but it’s free to try with up to 25 customers.

Wolong Sales and Inventory

Looking for an easy way to tame your inventory? Wolong Sales and Inventory is a new tool that unifies inventory tracking and alerts with analytical tools and assessments. It’s a new platform, and new features are being added regularly. The best part is that It taps into existing resources and info within Clover devices. For merchants already using Clover Inventory, there’s no configuration required.

Wolong is invaluable if you’re looking for more insight into your sales and inventory along with inventory management. It also helps you identify your most popular categories and products in terms of profit, sales, and quantity. It can even track your busiest hours by sales, and provides a 7-day sales prediction.


Ever needed to process a payment but were too far away from your payment terminal to do so? KeyAble makes that a thing of the past. By creating a virtual terminal in any web browser, KeyAble allows you to key in credit card payments from wherever you are. The payments are processed and tracked on your Clover device, even if you key in the cards on your phone without a Clover Go nearby.

KeyAble works on nearly any web browsing platform, including mobile and tablet devices. It’s also compatible with Register, Register Lite, and Payments Plus. You can incorporate KeyAble into your Clover for a flat fee of $8.99 per month, regardless of how many payments are processed.

With your Clover in your corner, you already have one of the best POS systems on the planet. Why not get even more out of it with these apps (and many others like them) in the Clover App Market?

[image: V Sattui Winery, St. Helena, California, USA by Jim G on flickr]

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