New & notable in the Clover App Market: August 2017

August 28, 2017

August is here, and with it comes restaurant weeks around the country! Cafes and bistros all over are dishing up tasty treats for new fans and favorite loyalists. It’s a good time to treat yourself for all your hard work this year.

But for many businesses, restaurant week is every week! To celebrate our favorite bars, bistros, and bakeries, we’re serving up a fresh suite of apps designed by ITsoft available in the Clover App Market to help your restaurant stay on top of the lunch rush, no matter how busy it gets. The latest and greatest in apps to help you run your restaurant are TableMapp, Seed QSR, and Seed Digital Menu. Paired with Clover, these integrations help keep your restaurant running without a hitch.


TableMapp is a visual interface for table management in restaurants. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a map of your restaurant’s floor plan. Structure a custom map of your restaurant by choosing the shape, size, and location of tables. Construct landmarks such as walls and bars to help optimize space and help servers visualize their section. Much like a treasure map, TableMapp integrates directly with Clover Tables and Clover Register to help your team see exactly which tables are new, which have placed their order and which ones have paid their bill.

TableMapp helps you manage your team and provide excellent customer service. Allocate section and table assignments among servers to keep the lunch rush flowing. Restrict employee access only to assigned orders to keep wires from getting crossed in the kitchen. TableMapp works best for independent restaurants with between 10 and 25 tables. Run a tight ship with this handy little integration!

Seed QSR

Seed QSR was built for quick-serve restaurants (QSRs) who want full functionality of an ordering system with streamlined service. It was built for restaurants that do not need to assign orders to a table, but operate on an order-and-pay at the counter model. The goal is to get through an order through as accurately and quickly as possible!

How does it work? Efficiency is the name of the game with Seed QSR. The app will import your menu items, modifiers, discounts, customers and everything you need to get up and running fast. Seed QSR’s system is designed to give your staff the fewest steps to enter an order, but with additional features to highlight your menu through pictures, descriptions and nutritional values.The simple interface supports four order types: Dine-In, To Go, Delivery, and Pick Up or Call In orders. This powerful dashboard allows for easy order entry and management, as well as payment processing. Take a peek in this short introductory video:

Best of all, Seed QSR integrates seamlessly with your Clover system. This is the latest and greatest way to organize your menu the way that you want—and keep lines from stacking up around the corner.

Seed Digital Menu

Seed was designed specifically for restaurants that use Clover (we’re thrilled!). It’s a simple concept, with major implications for your business. Seed Digital Menu gives restaurants the tools they need in one location. It’s designed to operate by 3 roles, or profiles: manager, server, and host. Each view is customized with the exact information that role needs, right at your fingertips. Check it out:

If your restaurant uses TableMapp, your restaurant layout will transfer over to Seed Digital Menu. This mighty tool covers every aspect of running a busy restaurant, from wait list and reservation tracking, table timers, and scheduled menus to manager reports, discount and void functions, promo codes, and server reporting. Seed Digital Menu even allows for advance menu management and item pictures, descriptions, & nutrition.

This app is best for Full Service Restaurants looking to replace their existing “legacy” system. Any FSR with 20+ tables is the ideal candidate for Seed Digital Menu.

From soup to nuts, Clover’s POS system has you covered. Learn more about how your business can thrive with Clover and other (positively edible) apps from the Clover App Market.

[image: DSC00605 by Franklin Heijnen on flickr]

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