New & notable in the Clover App Market: April 2017

April 17, 2017

Learn about even more business apps from the Clover App Market that can expand your Clover device’s capabilities and help you get paid and sell more.

It’s the nature of business that things are constantly changing. Clover helps entrepreneurs manage the shifting needs of their business, yet stay lean. With a thriving app marketplace, Clover allows merchants to add or replace apps as they need them. Here are some exciting new additions and updates to Clover’s offerings.


Restaurant owners spend most of their time and energy on the dining room floor or in the kitchen making sure dishes are delectable and customers are satisfied. While keeping a steady stream of happy customers coming through the door is crucial, so is making sure you have everything you need to make those dishes. Seemingly small issues, like over-ordering items or excess waste, if not monitored carefully, can dramatically affect the bottom line. With an inventory and online purchasing app such as SimpleOrder, owners can keep track of these things automatically and re-order items quickly so they never run out of key ingredients.

SimpleOrder integrates with your Clover device and calculates how much of each ingredient you’ve used as you put in orders. This tracks all elements of a good meal from chickpeas to napkins and alerts owners to low inventory before they run out of something. When building a menu or deciding specials, chefs can check real-time market fluctuations to price dishes accordingly. Even better, owners or chefs can re-order key items directly with a click of a button right in the system. SimpleOrder will also calculate how much food inventory gets wasted so owners can uncover money-draining issues before they affect revenue.


Delivering consistent, quality service can be challenging if you have high turnover, or if business is brisk and employees are doing everything they can just to keep things moving. Yet it’s the little things that customers often remember, from a hostess opening the door for them to mints delivered with the bill. Cues offers owners the opportunity to set up useful reminders that will pop up on their Clover device throughout the day.

With Cues restaurants can send automatic messages to hosts and hostesses when servers access the payment screen alerting them that a table is almost ready for the next customer. Owners can schedule reminders, like when to clean the bathrooms, when to go on break, or when to change menus from breakfast to lunch. Cues can also be used to reach business goals. Simply set up cues to remind cashiers to mention promotions, ask for feedback, or encourage customers to post reviews.

Whether creating cues for clover-based actions or timed events, this app is a great solution for improving your customer service, training new staff, or just keeping things consistent during busy periods.

Register Lite Plan for Clover

Register Lite isn’t an app…but it’s an important addition to the Clover line of goods and services. Register Lite is an affordable, cloud-based software plan available for merchants with only a single terminal for payments. It’s a simple, less expensive solution for businesses that don’t need a full Clover station, but want to take advantage of the resources that Clover offers.

Register Lite replaces an antiquated cash register with a device that allows you to track inventory, manage employees, connect with customers, and more. Merchants can customize it with apps from the Clover App Market so they can grow the business paying only for the apps they need. Like all Clover plans, Register Lite accepts all forms of payment and offers fast, secure payment processing backed by First Data. Learn more about Register Lite here.

New and exciting apps are being added to Clover’s App Market all the time. Check out Clover’s latest apps today.

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