MVP: Learning about the new Clover dashboard

June 25, 2018

Each month we bring you updates on what’s new and notable in the Clover App Market. But there’s more to your Clover device than just the wealth of apps.

It’s time for a quarterly update on what’s new with your Clover. Right now, it’s all about the new dashboard.

Perhaps you’ve noticed a change when you log onto your account at Some accounts have already been migrated to the new platform. If not, however, you can expect to see it soon.

Read on for some of the highlights of the new dashboard:

Easy navigation

The previous dashboard was centered around your apps. When you clicked on an app, it opened in a new window.

With the new dashboard, you’ll be able to navigate with ease. You’ll find an intuitive navigation system on the left hand side of the screen that allows you to see where you are and click through various tabs and functions without having to open new windows.

Today’s Key Numbers

Another great feature of the new dashboard is the ability to see some of the most important figures right away when you log on. In the Today’s Key Numbers section of your new dash, you’ll see live data showing you gross receipts, discounts given, open orders, and removed or returned orders. In seconds, you’ll have a brief overview letting you know how your business is doing today.


If you’re fond of widgets on your laptop or phone, you’ll be pleased to know that certain widgets will be appearing on your Clover dashboard as well. Various partners will be featured with reminders about ways you can protect your business and boost your bottom line.

Mobile optimization

Perhaps most important, the new Clover dashboard has been fully optimized so you can use it with ease on any device. Prefer to check on things from your tablet while relaxing on the couch? Perhaps you just need to look something up on your phone while you’re in transit. No matter what you need, the new Clover dashboard will have information at your fingertips in seconds.

Clover is always working to improve our service and help your business flourish. We hope this helps!

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