MVP: Clover Online’s Click and Collect for retail

February 15, 2018

Did you know that Clover Online includes Store Pickup? It’s a feature included in the Pro Plan that allows customers to pay for items online and then pick them up from the store. Also known as “Click and Collect,” it’s an excellent way to help local patrons shop from the convenience of their home or office without having to pay for shipping—which can add up to $20 to a purchase. Installing this feature can help you do more than remain competitive with big box stores who offer similar services. Used the right way, it can also help increase sales and differentiate you from your most fierce competitors.

The first step to discovering new ways to use Store Pickup is considering the buying behavior of your customers. What combinations of items are they purchasing most often and when? You can find this information easily through Clover Insights, which provides an idea of customer activity and product-level insights. Once you’ve identified patterns, the fun begins. Here are two ways “Click and Collect” can expand the way you sell to your best customers.

Prepackaged kits for convenience

Imagine what it takes to prepare for a picnic or a trip to the beach to celebrate the Fourth of July. You might need suntan lotion, blankets, a cooler, tupperware, plates, napkins, and more. Make it easy for busy shoppers to “grab and go” by offering these items in a prepackaged kit that could be picked up on the way home from work or even on the way to the party. Switch out kits at the end of the summer for Back to School packs that might include bookbags, pencils, notebooks and a lunchbox. Eliminate roaming the aisles and worrying about getting the last items in stock. You could even expand shopper consideration sets by including new pieces that customers would not normally consider.

Offer a class

If your regulars find you particularly talented at what you do, try to expand your relationship by offering a class to help them build a better appreciation for your craft. Offer pre-packaged supplies so your new students can follow along while you teach a new skill and share your creative process. As their enthusiasm grows, consider offering intermediate and advanced classes. You might also want to focus on a special skill that requires a particular set of tools. Maintain the interest in their new hobby going by offering kits that include all the materials and instructions needed to finish a particular project.

When in doubt you can always talk to your customers. Ask them if they’d appreciate Store Pickup and how they would use it. Together you might uncover even more unexpected ideas that were never even on your radar.

[image: Errand Ride by Russ on flickr]

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