Mobile credit card processing: What you should know

November 30, 2017

The way people pay for things has already changed a lot, and it just keeps changing. These adjustments are partly driven by security concerns, and partly by consumers’ desire for more convenience and speed. For example, in the past couple of years, chip cards have become the norm in the U.S., according to a recent survey. These new cards are more secure, but that security comes at a price. Chip cards take a little longer to process, which frustrates customers; 87% of consumers say they’re frustrated at how long chip cards take to process.

Mobile credit card processing is one simple answer to customers’ frustration with long lines and slow transactions. A point-of-sale system that includes mobile card processors, like Clover’s, allows for strategic line-busting at busy moments. If you’re a coffee shop that always has a line out the door in the mornings, or a sandwich shop that’s always mobbed at lunchtime, you can have staff take orders and process payments on the floor, instead of making customers wait to get to the front counter. Clover’s extensive app market offers lots of programs that will make sure orders get sent back to the kitchen instantly, right from that mobile card processor.

A mobile POS device is also a great way to conveniently bring payments to your customer, allowing restaurants to take credit cards at the table, for example, or salons to take cards right at the chair. Not only does this save time, it can also help reassure customers that their information is secure, because their card never leaves their sight.

Mobile card processors also give you the flexibility to do business in new locations. Say you want to experiment with selling from a food truck, pop-up shop, farmer’s market, or festival. Mobile devices like the Clover Go and the Clover Flex enable you to sell on the go from a simple, hand-held device. You can accept payments even if you’re offline, and all the data you collect still goes right into your central POS system, so you know your inventory and customer information is always up to date.

A great mobile card processing solution should be easy to set up and use, and easy to integrate with the other systems that keep your business running smoothly. Gone are the days when you would need multiple technology solutions in order to take payments, organize your employee shift schedule, and keep track of your inventory. Modern POS systems, like Clover’s, can do all of these things, plus link seamlessly to your accounting software, and even help you analyze how your performance stacks up against your competition’s.

As consumer expectations change, your business needs to change with them. Your customers are busier than ever, and they’re used to the one-click convenience of shopping online. A great POS system that includes a mobile credit card processor can help you keep wait times low and meet your customers wherever they are—all while processing payments securely and making your business easier to run.

[image: Queue by Free for Commercial Use on flickr]

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