New & notable in the Clover App Market: November 2018

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Each month we’re pleased to bring you new ways the Clover App Market can make your job (and your life) a little bit easier. This month we’re featuring ways to streamline your payroll, balance your registers, and market liquor through mobile devices.

ADP Time

It’s no secret that payroll is a time suck for small businesses. The Clover App Market presents a number of solutions. If you’re business already works with ADP for payroll services, now there’s an app that you can link directly to your account. With ADP Time, your staff will easily be able to punch in and out, transfer between work roles (that may have different pay rates), and account for tips, mileage, and more.

ADP’s app also manages time off requests and approvals, employee scheduling, payroll and tax filing, and even HR documentation. Nearly everything that ADP can handle is now packed into this free app. Get your time back with ADP Time.

Balance Till

At the end of every day, many merchants go through the day’s receipts and make sure that the cash in the till matches expectations. This process can be time consuming, but it safeguards against theft, errors, and general accounting errors.

Enter Balance Till. With this app, you can instantly find out how much money should be in your till given the day’s transactions. You can catch inconsistencies quickly and early to address any issues you might encounter. And best of all, it takes hardly any time at all. If you find a discrepancy, you can create an order for the difference with a tag of your choice for easy reference later.


If you sell liquor, BOTTLECAPPS is a necessity! This app creates an online marketplace for you to sell beer, wine, and spirits online to people in your community. They can have their order delivered, or pick it up in store. Similarly, they can pay directly through the app, or pay in the method of their choice when they come to pick up their order.

Be sure to check out these and other small business solutions available to you in the Clover App Market.

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