New & notable in the Clover App Market: March 2019

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Each month we’re pleased to bring you new ways the Clover App Market can make your job (and your life) a little bit easier. This month we’re featuring apps that save you time where you didn’t even know you could find it!

7shifts Restaurant Employee Scheduling

7shifts provides restaurants with the software to schedule staff and handle requests on the go. There are in-app chat windows to allow for requests for time off and for changes of shift without cluttering your email. The app also provides time clocking and support for unlimited employees. Try it out and see just how much time 7shifts can save you!


There are a ton of great line-busting tools out there, but a surprisingly effective one is the simple, but efficient change dispenser. DispenseMe works with the T-Flex Coin Dispenser to provide the right change in seconds. It’s quick, reliable, and can help you spend more time connecting with customers rather than counting out coins. It also provides alerts for low coins so you always know when to reload.

Better Delivery

There’s a new version out of Better Delivery, and it’s designed to save you even more time! The setup has been streamlined so it now contains only 2 steps for merchants and 3 steps for drivers to get started. Better Delivery sorts your delivery orders into directional batches, and communicates with your drivers in real time. You’ll always know where the food is, how long it took to reach the customer, and not have to worry about making the proper assignments for the next trip.

Be sure to check out these and other small business solutions available to you in the Clover App Market.

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