New & notable in the Clover App Market: March 2018

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Spring showers bring May flowers—and business apps that integrate smoothly with your Clover POS system. The best new and updated apps from the Clover App Market are here! From helping your business save the planet to keeping the lunch rush under control, these apps will brighten even your cloudiest of Mondays. We’re featuring the highest rated apps for keeping track of your cash, cutting down on your paper waste, and making it easier to seat customers at a busy restaurant. Read on for fresh business apps you need!

Better Go Green

March means Saint Patrick’s Day, the greenest of holidays. One way to celebrate? Cut down on paper waste with Better Go Green. This handy app allows your customers to go paperless by generating codes on each receipt that give users a website to visit and select a paperless option in the future. Customers can opt to receive receipts via email—a better method for tracking sales and accounting for both you and your clients. Plus, capturing their email address gives you a powerful marketing tool and easy way to stay in touch. Save money on your administrative costs, and save the planet. It’s estimated that 9.6 million trees are cut down each year to produce receipt paper. Your customers (and the polar bears) will thank you.


Does it ever feel like you’re watching a game of musical chairs while trying to seat everyone at your restaurant? If it feels like a scramble to get everyone seated for lunch, you need SeatOn. This app manages reservations, waitlists, and analyzes data about your restaurant’s performance to keep traffic moving smoothly. The powerful features of SeatOn give you a clear picture of your table management, customer relationships, and analytics, including spending trends, occupancy rates, and more. SeatOn interfaces with Clover to manage seating times and reservations, with the added bonus of giving walk-ins more accurate wait-time estimates. The customer relationship management tool remembers customer seating preferences, food allergies, and birthdays or anniversaries, so you can surprise and delight your regulars. Plus, cut down on no-shows by restricting reservation privileges to those who frequently fail to turn up.


Liquor stores and bar owners are going to love this app. Payouts helps you figure out where your cash is going—and why. In the course of a busy day, there are a slew of reasons why you might need to remove money from the cash drawer. This app helps you sort out why cash was paid out and make sure your analytics reflect every cash transaction. Payouts works by sorting cash transactions into a variety of categories: lottery payouts, bottle deposit return, keg/tap deposits, and payouts for donations, supplies, vendors or cash drops.

Give your Clover POS system a boost with these apps (and others in the Clover App Market) and see how far your business can grow!

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