New & notable in the Clover App Market: June 2018

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If you haven’t checked out the Clover App Market lately, now’s the time. Whether you’re looking to manage your business profile, comments or reviews on Yelp, simplify recurring billing for your members, or infuse the fast-paced vibe of Wall Street into a gastro pub setting, the Clover App Market can help.

Take a look at these three new and updated apps:

Yelp for Business Owners

Each month, more than 100 million visitors turn to Yelp for information, ratings, and reviews on all kinds of businesses, from personal trainers to salons. For small businesses, that means important exposure to the local markets they serve and an opportunity to convert some Yelp users into customers.

Now, Yelp has introduced Yelp for Business Owners to make it easier for businesses to connect with customers and access important business analytics on the go. With this app, you can respond to customer messages and reviews with a private message or public comment. It lets you track visitors, customer leads, and access reports of estimated revenues generated by customers who find your business on Yelp. The best part? Clover merchants can connect to it directly from the Clover dashboard.

Getting started is a snap. Just download the app and follow the instructions to claim your Yelp Business Page. It’s free and takes a mere two minutes. And for a limited time, Clover merchants who sign up for the Yelp for Business Owners app will receive $300 in credits from Yelp!


Whether you own a Pilates studio, a gym or a golf course, the Memberships app is a must-have for any business that offers subscription services. This app helps businesses ­­manage memberships, subscriptions, and even recurring customer billing directly from your Clover device.

The Memberships app lets businesses define an unlimited number of memberships—with custom pricing—and automate billing for monthly events. Swipe a card once, and charge that same card on a regular basis. You can even set up email receipts, reminders of recurring payments, and notices to alert customers when issues arise—like expired cards. And you can deactivate and reactivate members without losing their billing information.

With its volume-based pricing, the Memberships app makes finding and managing an unlimited number of members and membership types simple and affordable.

Food and Drink Exchange

Say “fast-paced excitement” and someone’s bound to mention Wall Street, conjuring the exhilaration of the unexpected and the emotional flurry of highs and lows. One of the newest apps to hit the Clover App Market taps into that Wall Street rush.

Food and Drink Exchange brings the excitement of dynamic pricing to restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and other food sellers. As customers purchase items and influence the market, they can watch prices change in real-time. The more an item is ordered, the more that in-demand product will cost, and the prices of other items fall. Great for stirring up a lively happy hour or an all-day extravaganza, dynamic pricing can create a fun atmosphere and increase your profits.

The Food and Drink Exchange app connects easily to your Clover POS and captures pricing changes in real time. Most importantly, businesses have full control—they can turn dynamic pricing on or off anytime and are billed only for the time used. With lots of safeguards in place, the Food and Drink Exchange app is designed to increase income. If it doesn’t, you’re not charged for using it.

With these great apps and many others, the Clover App Market offers your business creative tools that help you engage your customers, keep a step ahead of your competitors, and turn a profit.

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