New & notable in the Clover App Market: July 2018

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During the dog days of summer, beat the heat with these new and notable apps from the Clover App Market. From an app that makes mailing three steps easier to new features that let you manage inventory smoothly, these Clover integrations will keep you from breaking a sweat while your business grows.

Here are the latest new Clover apps and updates to try out.

Easy Labels

Print barcode labels in a few simple steps with Easy Labels. This app is great for any business trying to manage inventory, files, equipment, or delivery. Easy Labels connects a label printer directly to your Clover device using a USB. You can create barcodes within the app, and print whatever you need straight from your POS system. Cafes can label cups with drinks to be made, doctor’s offices can label files with patient names, and warehouses can keep track of shipments with ease. Generate your own UPC codes for pricing and inventory management, and make customer checkout fast and efficient.

Restaurant 365

Dreaming of a day off at the beach? Restaurant owners can skip out for a day and still know your operation is running smoothly with Restaurant 365. This powerful tool tracks virtually everything going on in your restaurant—accounting, inventory, employee scheduling, dashboards, and reporting. Keep all the pieces of your operation streamlined with Restaurant 365. Manage information across multiple locations, and collect data from your payroll, sales, and vendors to run things smoothly. The app covers everything you need to know to keep your operations, catering, franchises, and accounting operations working seamlessly together, all while running a tight ship. Check out this video for everything this powerful tool can do for you:


Fans of the Clover blog will have seen us highlight ShopScanGo before, but that’s because they keep introducing great new features. One of those features? ReOrderGo. Especially during summer months, when you and your customers would rather be outside, ReOrderGo can help you supercharge your “skip the line” service. Coffee shops and cafes that have a skip the line takeaway option can use ReOrderGo to capture a regular customer’s order. How does it work? Customer get a ReOrderGo label from your store. Then, they scan it with their ShopScanGo app. The app sends the reorder to your Clover POS for automatic ordering. It will automatically order their favorite items, charge them for it, and they get to bypass the line! Simple, fast, and convenient, ReOrderGo cuts down on clerking and bumps up your reorder business.

Try these great apps and many others from the Clover App Market to improve your operations, offer A+ customer service, and beat the competition (and the heat).

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