New & notable in the Clover App Market: September 2017

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Parasailing over ocean

Most Clover merchants rely on a few key apps to boost their speed and accuracy. Others regularly test and adopt great new software being added to the Clover App Market—and save themselves even more time and effort.

Don‘t get stuck in a rut. Whether you’re developing a customer loyalty program, booking reservations, handling deliveries, or marketing with social media, there’s a Clover app that can help you do it faster and more effectively.

Check out the Clover App Market for a full listing of free and fee-based apps. Read on to learn about two intriguing apps developed for specific markets: golf courses and businesses that collect lots of signatures, such as shops that rent canoes or bikes.

Link Quick18 reservations with Clover check-outs

Now that customers can book tee times online with Quick18 Teesheet, it’s never been easier to organize an outing. The software has been a boon for the 15,000-plus golf courses now operating in the United States.

Many of those courses also use Clover to process customers’ payments for time on the green to food and drinks at the bar. And that’s where technology can frustrate—you’re forced to use different systems for different functions.

Quick18 Teesheet integrates the two systems. When a golfer with a Quick18 reservation checks in, the data automatically transfers to the Clover pay screen, where you can quickly check them out.

The Clover screen lists the rate the golfer was charged—including member price, PGA discounts, or public rate—whether the player has requested 9 or 18 holes, and any taxes due. Handling complete transactions is a breeze!

Merge the ease of DocuSign with the convenience of Clover

In fast-paced settings like a check-in desk, speed and simplicity are critical. But for many small businesses, taking shortcuts can lead to lost investments and legal exposure.

A family of four, for example, arrives for their helicopter tour, while another group wants to rent surfboards for an afternoon on the waves. Protecting the business means lots of waivers, agreement forms, and general chaos at the start.

Fortunately, most business have moved away from paper and now automate the process using DocuSign, a popular e-signature service. To make it even easier, Clover has teamed with DocuSign to integrate the SimpliSign app.

Simply upload agreements, release forms, and other documents from your DocuSign account to the Clover station. Clover automatically fills in key information, lets you gather signatures digitally, and stores the information to your DocuSign account.

By blending technologies into a seamless experience, check-in becomes quick, secure, and reliable.

Clover helps you get things done. From taking orders to keeping track of inventory to scheduling employees, the sleek POS systems and array of apps are great for automating tasks, reducing errors, and eliminating extra steps. Make your life easier—with apps.

[image: Parasailing by Charles Sipe on flickr]

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