New & Notable Apps in the Clover App Market: January 2017

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Learn about even more business apps from the Clover App Market that can expand your Clover device’s capabilities and help you get paid and sell more.

Every entrepreneur is always looking for ways to improve their bottom line. Both the handheld and countertop versions of Clover’s POS systems help them do just that, affordably enabling store and quick-service restaurant owners to accept various methods of payments and to stay on top of employee matters, among other business-related tasks.

Now, these three apps make it even easier for Clover users to manage stock, generate reports, and sell their wares online.

Top Up: Purchase Orders

Without technology, tracking your inventory is a labor-intensive task that can overwhelm even the best small business owner. The Top Up: Purchase Orders app by Abreeze Technology automates the process—adding and deducting as sales, returns, and restocking occurs. Enter your vendors into the app and select the items that you want to track, as well as the maximum and minimum amount of each you want to keep in stock. When a hot seller starts to run low, Top Up automatically reorders the item by creating a purchase order to send to the applicable wholesaler. (You can also create manual purchase orders using the app.) When the shipment arrives, receive it, and your inventory is updated accordingly.

Easy Reports

Today’s technology can provide entrepreneurs with valuable information on how to take their business to the next level. But organizing big data into usable reports can be tricky and time-consuming, not to mention expensive if it requires manpower or a unique computer program.

Small business owners can log into Easy Reports by Zoomify using their Clover username and password. The app organizes sales data by item, date, or sales person, for example. Once the app’s filters are set to your preferences, save them for your next visit (saving you valuable time), then compile your sales data and receive reports complete with easy-to-read tables, pie charts, and bar graphs. To incorporate the data into other reports or financial documents, the app enables you to export the information into Excel, CSV, or PDF.

Sell Online

These days, simply being a brick-and-mortar merchant doesn’t cut it. You’ve got to have a presence on the web. If you aren’t tech savvy, hiring a developer to build your online store can cost a pretty penny; do it yourself and risk angering customers if the site isn’t intuitive or if purchases go awry.

Instead, opt for Sell Online, which can be used with your Clover POS. With one click, it adds e-commerce to any website or blog—including those sites created on platforms like WordPress, Wix, and SquareSpace. Sell Online can also be added to your social media pages (Facebook, Tumblr), giving your store a marketing boost for little cost.

Sell Online is user-friendly for both merchants and shoppers. It fully syncs with your inventory, so there’s no danger of angering a shopper by selling her a product that is no longer in stock. And it’s perfect for today’s mobile shopper, since it supports purchases made on smartphones and tablets, in addition to those made on computers.

No matter what your business is, find solutions to help it run better in the Clover App Market.

[image: Inventory Day by SparkFun Electronics on flickr]