New and notable in the Clover app market: July 2022

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Welcome to Summer 2022! We’ve been busy adding new apps to Clover App Market to help you manage your workflow, email marketing, deliveries, and more–even better. Take a look at a few of our summer faves.


If your business manages customer-facing email activities, odds are you’re using Mailchimp to manage emails. With 11 million users and an audience of 4 billion, it’s no surprise that MailSync created this medium for your Mailchimp account and Clover account. When a new customer registers (or updates) their email, it will be added (along with their address and phone number) to the selected Mailchimp list. You can even choose real-time or manual email sync from your Clover Customers to Mailchimp.

ATH Movil Integration

ATH connects ATMs of various financial institutions in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Using Evertec functionality, the ATH Movil Integration app integrates ATH mobile with the Clover POS. Ideal for vendors or small businesses in Puerto Rico or the Caribbean, ATH Movil helps create an order, process that transaction, and notify the customer of the sale. And, it’s available across all Clover devices. 

Bottomline Deliveries

Merchants who choose to do in-house delivery make over 25% in profit as compared to 3rd party services, according to Bottomline Deliveries. That’s why they’ve designed this app to provide a more efficient delivery process for merchants. Here’s how: This app groups deliveries geographically by location. After a driver scans the delivery QR code, efficient directions are provided, so drivers can take up to 4 deliveries every time they leave the restaurant.  

SpiceApp KDS

Ford had the assembly line to manage production. Today, businesses have Clover and Spice App KDS to organize work flow. Spice App KDS keeps your kitchen organized and efficient without the clutter of paper receipts or another piece of hardware. Simply download the app to any device with a web browser. Then, set up different workstations or centralize work in one place–and simply eliminate the part of the order that’s been fulfilled. With a timer and pre-organized order display, you’ll always know the status of an order, and your cook gets the satisfaction of clearing the queue each time an order is ready. 

ONUS Inventory

Picture it: It’s the weekend at your local bodega or liquor store. People are buying their refreshments for the evening, snacks for the road, and a vendor just pulled up to the store. How can the owner handle all that’s going on? With a Clover POS system and ONUS Inventory for Beer, Wine & Spirits. 4 core modules for vendors, productions, purchase order, and receive orders–all within an advanced cloud-based storage–keep this business owner in the loop. ONUS inventory tracks vendors, their margins, and their markups, as well as any inventory associated with a given shipment. With Clover taking your orders, ONUS managing your vendors, this business owner may just have time to enjoy some of the inventory! 

Be sure to check out the Clover App Market for the latest apps designed to help your business thrive.

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