Staffing your business well can make or break your bottom line

October 14, 2016

Any business’s first point of contact with a customer is crucial. And who is in the driver’s seat for that interaction? Staff. If a customer has a warm, productive interaction with a staffer, they will extend their positive feelings to the business as a whole. If that interaction is unpleasant, however, that transfers as well.

Staffing is one of the most important challenges a business faces, whether it is new or established, small or large, retail or restaurant. Just ask Jay Walters, owner of Jay’s Steakhouse in Rifle, Colorado.

Clover aims to create solutions for challenges every business owner faces. Here are three apps available in the Clover App Market that help owners and managers stay on top of staffing needs, changes, and crucial exchanges.

Ping Me If by Seven Spaces

Most business owners can’t be in house at all times. Perhaps they’ve got other locations to supervise, obligations in their family and community, or (gasp!) a need for some time off. It’s important to stay on top of unusual transactions or behavior in store, however, and Ping Me If can help.

Users customize this app to create notifications given specific parameters you choose. Perhaps you want to know whenever a cashier process a refund or return? You can also be notified when cash is removed from the drawer, an item is deleted from inventory, and a multitude of other events or actions.

You can’t be everywhere at once, but you can stay informed about what’s happening in your business whether you are there or not.

HR Resources by Homebase

If you have a small business, chances are you don’t have an HR department. In all likelihood, you are the HR department. HR Resources helps to streamline this aspect of your business by storing forms to on-board new employees, organizing reviews to keep existing staffers engaged, and more.

HR Resources allow you to access job description templates, and customize them for your individual needs. They also have a series of webcasts to offer support for more complicated issues like employee insurance, curbing employee theft, and best practices for employee retention.

Time Clock by Homebase

Time Clock streamlines staffing and scheduling like no other app available. The iOS/Android version of the app allows staffers to swap shifts, get reminders before shifts, and much more. If things are busy and you need more bodies on deck, you can send out a quick message via Time Clock offering bonus shifts for available staffers.

Time Clock even manages the tracking cash tips, time off requests, and payroll-ready timesheet reports. This is an app no business should be without.

No matter the nature of your business, you are guaranteed to face challenges. Clover is here to help. Check out these and other apps available in the Clover App Market to help your business thrive.

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