Merchant Spotlight: Tonto Salon

January 6, 2017

Tony Westenhaver has been in the salon industry for 34 years, but never wants to lose touch with his favorite part of the business: direct client service. He’s found a way to balance the creative work of a stylist with the responsibility of a business owner, maintaining a complex system of booking, payments, and retail.

A defining characteristic of successful small business owners is the ability to fulfill a number of different functions within the staff. Early on in a business plan, and often throughout the life of a business, an owner or co-owner assumes responsibilities in management and planning in addition to the craft or service their business is built around.

Tony Westenhaver is no exception. As the owner of Tonto Hair Salon in Denver, Colorado, his primary role is that of stylist, and he keeps a busy client load.

“The thing about being a small business owner is that not only do i work behind the chair 50 hours a week just doing my personal business,” Tony says, “but I have the shop business to take care of as well.”

Tony isn’t the only multi-faceted worker at the salon. Pierce covers reception in addition to doing hair. As a frequent user of the register and Clover point-of-sale system, he says, “It’s been an ongoing process of keeping everything fresh. We like to change things up a lot here.”

With a team that busy, it’s crucial to utilize systems to maximize efficiency. “We thought that a new point-of-sale would help alleviate a bit of the time taken per transaction,” says Pierce. “We were looking to cut costs as well as since we were bringing in new products all the time, and Clover allows us to do that.”

It’s not just the speed and ease of transactions, however, that make Clover a time-saving device for Tonto. Tony relies on the bookkeeping aspects of an electronic point-of-sale to track his business metrics as well.

He shares, “You know, what I liked best about [Clover] is that at the end of the week, it’s the reporting processes on the machine that makes life easy for me. I can look at daily totals… weekly totals… and tax reports. It just makes all of those things much easier for me.”

Pierce is pleased at how the device manages inventory, saving countless hours of tedious work and allowing for more creative time. “Even when you are entering in products that you’ve just received, it’s simple. Time is pretty tight here anyway. We keep simplifying, and that helps keep things running smoothly.”

For Tony, these time-saving steps allow him to be a stylist first. “There’s no question, it makes my life a lot easier. For me to spend the time I spend behind the chair, anything I can do to cut time elsewhere creates a lot less stress for me and helps to balance my life a little bit.”

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