Merchant Spotlight: IT firm Cheaper Than a Geek built its competitive edge with customer service

February 25, 2017

Chris Barber saw an opportunity to build a new type of consumer IT company when he experienced awful customer service while trying to get his own computer repaired 20 years ago. Here’s how he used technology to deliver top-notch customer experiences through his company, Cheaper Than A Geek.

Chris Barber has always loved computers.

Twenty years ago, he was tinkering around at home and decided to build his own computer from scratch. Two weeks later, he was finished—and he was thrilled. But he was decidedly less so when it soon broke down and he couldn’t figure out why. After taking it to a local repair place, he experienced terrible customer service and felt dramatically overcharged. He was appalled by the entire experience and thought he could do better. It was in that moment that Maryland-based Cheaper Than A Geek was born.

Now, two decades later, Chris proudly sports the title of Chief Nerd. It means a lot to him, mainly serving as a reminder to always focus on delivering customer service first and foremost. In fact, his entire business is built upon the notion of helping businesses and consumers make technology work for them at an affordable price. He likens it to a fireman saving the kitten from the tree. By being real and approachable with their customers, Cheaper Than A Geek has helped fill a void in the IT space by ensuring a positive customer experience.

In the last five years, the industry has changed dramatically. Part of that change has come with how Cheaper Than A Geek does business itself. Of course, they’re still dedicated to ultimate customer service and satisfaction. But they’ve tried to streamline their processes. And, by switching their point-of-sale system over to Clover Go, they were able to do just that.

By its very nature, Cheaper Than A Geek is mobile. They have to be out in the field in order to better accommodate the active lifestyles of their customers. By embracing Clover Go, they’ve found an easy-to-use system that allows them to speed through their customer transactions while maintaining the highest levels of card and data security. And because the associated fees are so low, they’re also seeing a higher return on investment.

As a technology resource, Cheaper Than A Geek was also fortunate to beta test some of the Clover Go apps and interfaces. Chris said he was impressed with how much First Data took his suggestions to heart. In fact, the current dashboard owes some of its polish to the talented nerds at Cheaper Than A Geek.

Today, they also use the Clover Insights app to provide snapshots of their business performance. It’s allowed them to shift from monthly to weekly to daily reports. They’ve found this more granular approach helps the business run better and helps them customize their workflow accordingly. As Chris says, “What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get managed.”

As they work towards the future, Cheaper Than A Geek has set some lofty goals. They want to go from their current state of being the most awarded IT firm in Maryland to being the largest IT provider in the country, and believe their Clover system can help them get there. With its real-time, actionable information, they’re able to track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts by completing the feedback loop to know how they generated each customer.

Armed with reliable technology and reliable vendors, Chris believes his business is doing its part to happily humanize the IT world. Knowing his Clover Go always works, he can approach each day confident in his ability to deliver on Cheaper Than A Geek’s brand promise: ultimate IT customer service for less.

Featured image: Cheaper Thank A Geek “Chief Nerd” Chris Barber, left, at work. Source: YouTube (Clover Commerce)

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