Merchant Monday: Eyewear Excellence

February 13, 2017

In our personal lives, technology can make it easier to stay connected to far-flung family and friends. It’s easy to maintain relationships when an update on a friend’s kid, cat, or commute to work is just a click away.

Technology can also make it easier for entrepreneurs to connect with customers. Social media and e-commerce mean you can sell to anyone, anywhere, anytime. And for Richard Hatcher, the owner of Eyewear Excellence, technology also makes it easier to connect with the customer standing right in front of him. Here are three ways the Clover Mobile helps Hatcher make personal connections with customers:

It allows him to move around his store.

Face-to-face conversations with customers are crucial when selling a product as appearance-defining as eyeglasses. “I don’t want to keep running back to the desk,” Hatcher says. Disappearing behind a desk to check prices or see if a frame is in stock in a particular color would interrupt his conversations with customers. With all that information at his fingertips, Hatcher can stay focused on making those personal connections that build loyalty—and make sales.

It’s seamless and unobtrusive.

The last thing you want when you’re talking to a customer is technical difficulties slowing you down. If you’re trying to figure out a complicated computer system, you’re not making eye contact with your customer. If your system is sluggish or prone to failure, that adds wait time and frustration to your interactions with customers. A simple, user-friendly, robust system like the Clover Mobile enables you and your staff to keep your focus where it belongs—on making that sale. “I don’t know how you can mess up with the Clover, honestly,” Hatcher says.

It’s a secret weapon.

“The Clover has helped me close a couple of sales,” Hatcher explains. A customer who needs her glasses to see can’t easily see herself when she’s trying on new frames. She might want to go get a friend to help her choose frames—and any time a customer leaves the store, that’s a sale delayed, if not lost forever. With the Clover’s front-facing camera, Hatcher can snap a picture of a customer, and then she can put her glasses back on and get a good look. “Now we’ve saved somebody that may not have come back,” Hatcher says.

The Clover’s camera may not have the same close-the-deal capability for every business, of course, but the dozens of apps in the app store make it customizable for any type of business. What will your secret weapon be?

Clover is sold by leading U.S. banks including Bank of America, BBVA, Citi, PNC, SunTrust and Wells Fargo. You’ll also find Clover at our trusted partners including CardConnect, Restaurant Depot, and Sam’s Club. For more information, visit us at