Boost your small business’s efficiency with Clover

September 23, 2016

Most small businesses start with a handful of hardworking people working together to realize an idea and bring it to life. For those businesses to flourish, however, they have to make the most of their often-limited resources. How time and tasks are managed can make or break a new business.

Just ask Joseph Paolercio (also known as “Meatball Joe”). His food truck specializing in top-notch meatballs cooked in their special six-hour sauce is a popular destination in South Florida.


But nurturing and maturing a business can be tough. As demand for his product has increased, so too has the demand on Joseph’s time. But as a Clover merchant he has solutions available at his fingertips that can help him make the most of both his and his staff’s time. Here are some of the great apps from the Clover App Market that can help businesses save time and increase productivity.

Manage staff schedules with Time Clock

Time Clock is a free app for Clover merchants that provides solutions for a lot of staffing stresses. Employees can clock in and out, track breaks, declare cash tips and integrate credit card tips, and handle shift trades with other staffers. Managers can send out schedules by email, manage time-off requests, and have payroll-ready timesheets at their disposal with an easy export function.

There’s also an iPhone and Android app everyone can use to monitor schedule changes, get reminders about upcoming shifts, and communicate with others in the event that a switch is needed.

Manage money with Cash Log

Another free app, developed in-house at Clover, is Cash Log, which helps merchants track all customer cash transactions, including managing cash drawer activities like adding or removing cash. With effective tracking like this, merchants can save time that they can use to refocus on developing their product, growing their market share, improving operations, or taking some of the stress out of their schedules.

Manage inventory with Stock

Say farewell to complex logs and spreadsheets managing inventory. With Stock, merchants can keep track of every item at every location. It allows businesses to create and edit purchase orders, adjust inventory numbers as necessary in the event of breakage or loss, manage vendors, and even transfer stock between locations. Merchants can also generate reports with ease, freeing them up to focus on more important tasks.

With all the time you can save with these great Clover Apps, what great ideas will you think of next? Try these and other apps by visiting the Clover App Market.

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