Accelerating payments can mean accelerating sales. Here’s how.

December 4, 2018

There’s no denying the fact that NYC is filled to the brim with big business. But mom & pop stores bring much needed character (not to mention brilliant products) to the marketplace, too. One such store is Olive’s, run by Clover merchant Nick Hartman. He opened up his first shop in 1992 to offer high quality, freshly prepared food to grab on the go. With locations in SoHo, Battery Park City, and beyond, Nick is always finding new ways to meet the needs of his clientele.

Navigating Rushes

It may seem like the busy has a constant flow of customers, but there are swells no matter the location. There’s a morning coffee and breakfast rush, a push a lunch, and often a third as people are either heading home, or back to the office to power through another pile of tasks. Rush hours mean long lines, which can really frustrate customers who are looking for a speedy payment process.

To raise his line busting game, Nick uses Clover Flex devices to supplement the minis he has at the countertop. “I have 30 people in my line. They’re getting here and instead of waiting to pay, I can have 4 methods of payment available immediately.” Using a mobile POS means literally meeting customers where they are, creating a heightened sense of customer care.

Not only can you bring Clover directly to the customer, it has the fastest transaction times in the business. Chip card readers, called EMV readers, are often sluggish and slow. Clover clocks it under three seconds for EMV transactions, making the increased security a breeze!

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Big Business Security

One of the reasons it can be hard for small businesses to flourish is that they lack the support resources of larger entities. If you have Clover, however, you may have more support than you realize. Nick describes the confidence he has in his payments security:

“I have a support team that’s dedicated to Olive’s. I have people i can reach immediately. I have systems and backup systems and troubleshooting that we can do instantly.”

And it’s not just his payments security that give him strength to get through difficult days as a business owner. With multiple locations, it can be difficult to be everywhere at once. But with Clover, Nick is able to track transactions, sales records, and more right from his mobile device. He can get alerts when particular events happen, and make sure he’s connected to his managers for support. “I’m able to see exactly what’s going on day to day with all parts of the business.”

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