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Welcome to Clover’s holiday central

Watch our special holiday-themed live webinars, download our holiday guides, and explore articles on the latest news from the world of Clover.

Holiday webinars

For Restaurants

The holidays are around the corner. Is your restaurant ready?

This webinar gives you a detailed overview into the many ways Clover supports full service and counter service restaurants, from online ordering and contactless payments to front and back of house management.

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For Retailers

We've got good things in store for you this holiday season.

Join us for a webinar on laying the groundwork for a safe, prosperous, and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. 

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For Service Businesses

We're here for you this holiday season.

Join us for a webinar on how to prepare for a safe and enjoyable holiday season, with a special focus on portability and flexibility.

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Holiday Guides

Holiday coffee shop items


Clover Restaurant Holiday Guide 2020

Holiday season 2020 will look very different from years past because of COVID-19 ... Read more
Holiday gift ideas


Clover Retail Holiday Guide 2020

Holiday season 2020 has been irrevocably altered by the COVID-19 pandemic and the ... Read more
Spa and nail salon tools


Clover Services Holiday Guide 2020

The 2020 holiday season is not business as usual—it’ll be a holiday season ... Read more

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