Your concise guide for smart marketing & sales

September 24, 2018

What’s the lifeblood of a thriving business? Savvy marketing. Marketing is a crucial part of your overall business strategy, not a once-in-awhile activity when you need a specific, paid campaign. When done right, marketing builds connections with customers that naturally develop into long-lasting, profitable relationships, inspires brand loyalty and turns your best customers into evangelists. Need help incorporating marketing planning into your business?

Here’s a roundup of some of the best digital marketing techniques.

Top-Notch Marketing & Sales Techniques

If you only had a half hour to plan a promotion….if your marketing budget is best described as “shoe-string” but you need solid results fast…how do you get started? From running a successful promotion to launching a customer rewards programs, here are some strategies for getting started.

Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Want to reach more customers and increase sales? Give mobile marketing a try.
Now you can take your coupons to the next level by sending them right to your customers’ smartphones. People now spend 69% of their media time on smartphones, and shoppers who are out and about are far more likely to search for you on their mobile devices. Here’s how to get a piece of the action.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an incredible, free way to get some word-of-mouth marketing. Use it to send customers updates, special promotions, and to invite them to special events. Kickstart your social presence with this advice from Clover and create brand evangelists.

Improve Your Website’s SEO

While many small business owners know they need to upgrade their e-commerce, many hold back because they’re afraid the costs will be prohibitive. Luckily, one of the most underestimated sources of new customers is both free and relatively easy to get started. According to Wordstream, nearly three fourths of people who search for something locally will visit a store within 5 miles. Optimizing your website for SEO (or even just setting up a basic site) will help get your business discovered.

Turn Every Holiday into a Marketing Opportunity

No matter what your business is, there are natural times of year that you can take advantage of to build up a loyal customer base. Whether it’s holidays, events, or particular seasons, leverage these natural marketing opportunities to increase sales.

Marketing Ideas for Common Small Business Problems

Facing a difficult business problem? Marketing to the rescue! Clover’s Business Problem Turnaround features are filled with proven techniques to tackle the most common problems small businesses face. Here are just a few targeted marketing ideas to boost sales.

Marketing is about more than putting on a good sale. From taking your business online, to starting and managing a social media profile we have an app for you. (And hey, if you’re just looking for a quick way to promote a sale, we’ve got that too.) Get Clover in your corner.

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