How to effectively share your brand message with customers

May 23, 2017

This is a guest post by the team at SimpleOrder.

In our last post we discussed unifying the front and back of house to ensure smooth and easy service at your restaurant. One of the key takeaways from the post is the importance of unifying your concept so that your restaurant can tell a centralized story and market their brand.

However, once you have a solid concept, how do you go about sharing it with potential patrons and your community? Here we have some tips and tools for developing your brand and getting your message out there.

What is your story?

Your story is your why, it is your ethos, and it’s the reason behind creating your establishment. When we surveyed a group of restaurant owners about what they think is the single most important thing to starting and running a restaurant, they unanimously agreed that having a strong concept is essential. Your concept can be anything from natural wines to plant-based foods, but your concept has to be present and affirmed.

Once you have your concept in mind, you can begin marketing to valuable customers and rewarding your regulars.

Leverage your Community

Depending on what your concept is, there is likely a community of people and businesses that share your ethos and passion. For this reason, it’s best to leverage your community and build strong networks to get more exposure and spread your message.

For example, if your concept is a natural wine bar, you will probably meet with several natural wine producers and retailers. You can photograph the wineries during your visits, share their stories, and highlight different wines through your establishment’s blog and social media channels. Working with your community to build your story will benefit your marketing tremendously.

Sign-up for Google Alerts

Another wonderful way to share your message and expand your reach, is through sharing relevant articles and updates about your industry. One wonderful and very easy way to do so is by signing up for Google alerts through your Gmail account. You can do so by going to your settings and typing in keywords. Once you do so, you will receive news in your email feed daily with any relevant articles in your topic of interest. Any articles that are of interest to you will be ideal to share through your social media pages. This will keep your audience engaged and interested.

Join Facebook Groups

Another great way to expand your reach and engage your community is through joining facebook groups that hold the same ethos as your restaurant. Once a member of these groups, you can post any relevant updates, deals, specials, or content.

Stay Aligned

The best marketing practice you can have for long term success is keeping clear and aligned through all your different streams. If you are preaching a healthy and positive lifestyle, your restaurant should convey this essence. People feel duped when a message and image is presented through marketing strategies, but doesn’t reflect reality. Restaurants that succeed believe in their message, stick to their word, and provide the same experience in the flesh.

Utilize Tools

There are several tools and applications available to help your business streamline their marketing tactics, unify the message and track progress. BeSocial, available in the Clover App Market makes it easy to share updates, post special and measure engagement. Rocket Responder allows users to manage individual and group emails and MixWallet helps you send digital promotions to your potential and current diners.

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[image: Columbia Heights coffee shop by Valerie Hinojosa on flickr]

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