Launching your business

September 5, 2018

Back-to-school for the kids, back-to-the-hustle for entrepreneurs looking to start September off with a bang. While students are sharpening their pencils, aspiring merchants can prepare by reviewing Clover’s best resources for launching your business. This handy guide delivers everything you need to know to start a tbusiness from scratch.

Business Planning 101

Business planning may feel like a tedious exercise, but laying the groundwork now can set you up for success in the long-run. Investors will want to see you’ve put the thought into your business idea before they jump on board. Check out these guides for some quick business planning tips.

Finding Funding and Investors

Once you have a plan, the next step is to execute it. To do that, you’ll need some start-up capital to help you get momentum. There are a few ways to get the money you need to start your business: take out a loan, find an investor, ask your friends and family for money, or try crowdfunding. These articles can help you figure out which is best for you.

Business Structuring and Operations

Not sure what the difference is between an LLC, B-Corps, and nonprofit? Getting into the weeds of business structuring can feel daunting. Try some of these articles to get a sense of the right business structure for you, plus some tips on setting up your accounting tools, leases, payroll, and inventory.

Marketing and More

Branding and logo design is the first order of business when it comes to launching your marketing campaign. From there, build out your marketing program based on your business plan, target customer, and budget. Hire a graphic designer to help with the look and feel of your business, or use a free template tool like Canva. These articles can help share the news of your business with potential new customers!

Hiring and Staffing Strategy

Short of cloning yourself, it’s impossible for every entrepreneur to do everything at once. Running a startup is challenging work. That said, finding someone to shoulder the workload can help you sleep a little better at night (or at all). If you think you’re ready to bring someone on your team, check out some of these resources for hiring the right people.

We can’t wait to see what business you build! For more top tips and tools to help you succeed, check out the Clover Blog and the Clover App Market.

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