Innovative solutions for small business challenges

September 27, 2018

Every business has problems. And as a business owner, whether it’s a slow day, a product that won’t sell, or a data breach, that problem is on your plate. But what if you’re not an expert on the business tax code, online security, or whatever the problem of the day is? It may be time to call in some backup. This guide will help you tackle some of the most common—and difficult—problems that all small businesses face.

Start with the basics

Nobody starts their own business because they dream of doing more paperwork or yearn to make their taxes more complicated. But administrative work is part of the job. Check out some tips for making tax time easier, streamlining your busywork, and plugging up the leaks that can drain your business of much-needed cash.

Location, location, location

Choosing the right location for your business is one of the most important decisions you have to make. A great location, with lots of foot traffic, provides an automatic boost to your bottom line. An-out-of-the-way spot can make it seem impossible to get ahead. But with some savvy planning, almost any location can be made to work to your advantage.

Increase foot traffic

You can’t change a business district that’s dead at night into a neighborhood with a raging nightlife, but you can take some steps to increase foot traffic to your location. Don’t just accept that your coffee shop is always going to be dead all afternoon. Look for some ways to create a lunch rush, or keep patrons staying, and spending, longer.

Push your product

Moving inventory is crucial for any business, but every business eventually runs into those products that just won’t sell. Whether it’s a donut, a dog collar, or a dress, there’s a way to market it that will push it out your doors.

Improve customer relations

A lot of factors come together to determine the health of your business. But if your customers aren’t happy, nothing else matters. Don’t live in fear of what people might say about you on Yelp. Develop a proactive strategy for keeping your customers loyal, and they’ll be your best marketers.

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