Growing pains: How to handle HR issues (without an HR department)

October 9, 2017

It’s no secret that employees are a valuable component of small business. They are your frontline for customer service and have a profound effect on your bottom line. But managing your employees, when you don’t have an HR department, can often be placed on the backburner. Sure, you know that it’s important to conduct reviews and engage with your employees in theory, but there’s always something that needs your attention when you run an SMB, right?

Neglecting important human resources issues, however, can cost a pretty penny. Conservative estimates place the cost of losing a salaried employee around 50-75% of that position’s annual salary. Does that seem high? Remember how many factors are at play when finding a replacement: recruitment, training, supervision, and much, much more.

For high-level employees, that amount skyrockets. For C-level employees at medium-sized businesses, the cost of turnover can be upwards of 200% of the position’s annual salary. Beyond the cost of just that position, turnover also lowers workplace morale, which in turn lowers income.

So how do you mitigate this issue if you don’t have an HR department? You have to decide to serve as that department yourself, setting aside some time each week or month to keep an eye on best practices for your team.

There are two main branches of human resources you’ll need to consider when running your SMB—personnel management and record keeping. While you might not have a department or a dedicated staffer to monitor HR, you’ve got countless solutions at your fingertips in your Clover point-of-sale system.

Personnel management

If you want to learn more about keeping your employees happy, a great place to start would be our recent webinar on employee empowerment. Having a team that’s invested in your business will keep things running more efficiently, and in all likelihood, more profitably.

Scheduling is a huge sticking point for a lot of employers and employees alike. If you can work out regular scheduling practices, it frees up more attention to place back into innovating your business. In addition to Homebase’s excellent apps, you can also assess Dolce’s Scheduling, Timekeeping, & Analytics app and see which is a better buy for your business.

It’s also important to note that whether you’re working with your friends or with strangers, there are creative ways to build your team. Making sure your employees are happy in their roles should be a top priority for you.

When you do need to replace a staffer, Clover’s got apps that can help you there, too. If you visit the Clover App Market, you can find a host of solutions. Try JobPose to recruit more effectively and get the word out about new opportunities in your business.

Record keeping

The drier side of HR is the paper-pushing. Documentation is important on many levels: tax reporting, budget planning, tracking performance, and supporting difficult decisions including termination.

Luckily, apps from the Clover App Market can help you here, too. You’ll find nearly everything you need within Homebase’s HR Resources app. You can create and save job descriptions, performance reviews, new hire forms, and hiring guides.

You can also utilize Pupsidedown’s Release, Waiver, Compliance forms for your team as well as your customers. Keeping track of your legal documents is crucial, but easily outsourced to your Clover device.

No matter how you choose to do so, maintaining best practices for human resources doesn’t require an HR department. And keeping your employees happy will most certainly be a boost for your bottom line.

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