Go Mobile to Increase Online and Offline Sales

August 4, 2016

Business is booming on mobile platforms. Your customers, both current and potential, use mobile devices with great regularity. This probably isn’t news to you, but the numbers may shock you: 58% of consumers who own a smartphone have used it for store-related shopping. The data from Black Friday 2015 indicated that over 36% of online sales were via mobile. For merchants, that means that mobile simply can’t be ignored.

An easily accessible and navigable mobile site impacts both offline and online sales. Many searches start on mobile devices, most of which lead to a conversion. And while those conversions may take place elsewhere, the original visit was a mobile one. This point also highlights the particular value of mobile for millennial shoppers, 82% of which have used a mobile device while in-store. The numbers for offline and online don’t stop there:

●      34% of online retail purchases happen on mobile devices

●      84% of smartphone shoppers turn to their mobile phone to help them shop while in store

●      53% of consumers use their smartphones to search for directions to a local store

●      54% of consumers use their smartphones to search for business hours

It’s clear that mobile is the way forward. The unstoppable growth and influence of mobile over all purchases proves the fact that every merchant needs a mobile-friendly online store. The driving factor behind all of this is improving the customer experience. It just makes sense—the easier you make it for your customers to find and buy what they’re looking for, the higher the likelihood you’ll make the sale. Currently, only 52% of consumers surveyed said they were satisfied with their mobile shopping experience. That means there’s a huge opportunity for merchants that can master the mobile shopping experience to set themselves apart from their competition.

That’s where Clover Online Store comes into play. No matter the state of your current website, Clover Online Store helps you get mobile-friendly in a hurry. Every purchase from your website is from a single POS hub—so all of your stock counts are updated. All of this isn’t to say a mobile-friendly site will serve as a silver bullet, but having a mobile-friendly site is an expectation of all of your customers, both online and offline.

[image: Friends with Mobile Phones by Garry Knight on flickr]


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