Find money-making restaurant marketing ideas & sales techniques to promote your business

October 16, 2018

What’s going to fill your tables and bring new dinners to your restaurant? Savvy sales and restaurant marketing. Marketing is a crucial part of your overall business strategy, not a once-in-awhile activity you think about when the table service is a little slow. The restaurant industry is extremely competitive, and smart marketing techniques are what cultivate regulars and keep your FSR afloat when a new restaurant opens up across the street.
Here’s a collection of the best restaurant marketing & sales techniques.

1. Getting Started: Restaurant Marketing & Sales Techniques

The pastries are perfect and your staff memorized the specials…now it’s time to get dinners in the door. From boosting your restaurant’s visibility to figuring out your FSR marketing budget, here are some restaurant marketing strategies to get started.

2. Growing Your Full-Service Restaurant (FSR)

Ready for a more in-depth restaurant marketing plan? Here are the best strategies for growing your restaurant. Plus, a step-by-step guide to promoting your FSR.

3. Restaurant Mobile Marketing Ideas

Want to reach customers near your restaurant? It’s time to try mobile marketing.
With mobile marketing, you can send customers digital coupons right to their smartphones. Be sure to target customers searching for “restaurants near me.” Here are a few mobile marketing ideas for restaurants.

4. Social Media Marketing for Restaurants

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for restaurants to market themselves. In fact, Yelp! and other social media review sites are often the first place new customers will look for a new restaurant. Even better, if you can get your loyal fans sharing posts about your restaurant, you’ll generate some awesome word-of-mouth marketing.

5. Improve Your Restaurant’s Visibility: FSR Marketing Ideas

Ever think about how people find your restaurant? The restaurant industry is the most searched type of business on mobile devices. Considering 85% of people search for local businesses online, this should be a crucial part of your FSR marketing plan. Want more customers? Optimize your website for mobile.

6. Attract More “Regulars”: The Art of Loyalty Marketing for Restaurants

It’s not just the gazpacho that keeps customers coming back to your restaurant. It’s how you make them feel. Everything from your specials to the atmosphere, to your loyalty program affects your sales. Treat your patrons as royalty and they’ll keep coming back for more.

7. Restaurant Marketing Ideas for Common Problems

Every restaurant has its ups and downs. From location problems to low volume, here are some targeted restaurant marketing tactics to try.

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