Food & Drink Exchange can help increase profits and entertain customers

December 5, 2018

What if merchants can interact with customers and increase profits at the same time?

The Food & Drink Exchange app for Clover can help businesses accomplish both of these tasks.  Tech companies of all types take advantage of dynamic pricing, and now Clover merchants can do the same.  Available in the Clover App Market, The Food & Drink Exchange is a dynamic pricing system that updates item prices in real time. While the system is geared towards restaurants and bars, the Food & Drink Exchange can increase profits and revenues for merchants in a diverse array of categories.

How it works

The items are displayed on televisions in the establishment, and prices change based on real time sales through Clover POS.  Any item in the POS can be added to the Food & Drink Exchange.  If an item is purchased, its price increases while the price of other items decrease.  The market has proven to be an attraction that Patrons want to participate in, and sales for items listed in the system increase by as much as 200 percent.  Most merchants list their high profit margin products or other items that they want to push, and The Food & Drink Exchange can work well for happy hours or other types of daily specials.

Set-up is simple and easy.  Download the Food & Drink Exchange app in the Clover Marketplace and get up and running in as little as ten minutes.

Differentiate yourself from the competition

The Food & Drink Exchange gives patrons a reason to visit your establishment and ocean facilitate the type of word of mouth that helps increase merchants’ overall customer base.

Companies of all kinds benefit from dynamic pricing, The Food & Drink Exchange offers an opportunity for brick-and-mortar establishments can take advantage as well.  The Food & Drink Exchange is your tool to increase profits and bring attention to specific products that you want to sell more of.

Download the Food & Drink Exchange app for free in the Clover Market today.

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