5 benefits of credit card terminals

January 29, 2018

The payment terminal can be a basic tool for safely processing credit cards. But it can also be much more: the brain center of your entire operation, handling payments, analyzing sales data, generating reports, tracking inventory, and other key jobs.

Clover’s point-of-sale system puts real power at your fingertips. It turns the traditional register into a hub for streamlining and improving every aspect of the business. In addition, it outcompetes other cloud-based POS systems in ease of use, reliability, and functionality.

Here are five ways that Clover can make your business more efficient and your life less complicated.

1. Automate time-consuming tasks.

From the very first step of setting up the system, Clover is easy and intuitive. While other vendors offer pre-configured packages and a la carte items (such as readers for chip cards, cash drawers, and printers) that must be combined with an iPad or Android device, Clover is an all-in-one processing system. It eliminates the hassle of having to cobble together mismatched hardware and software.

Once up and running, the system simplifies everyday functions. Preloaded software and free or for-purchase apps let small business owners create employee schedules, generate payroll, automate ordering for popular SKUs, craft loyalty programs, track sales and returns, restock items, and much more.

2. Gather transaction data in one spot.

Not long ago, data analytics were inaccessible to businesses using cash registers. But that’s completely changed with point-of-sale systems. Clover gathers a wealth of data and displays it in easy-to-read charts and graphs. Merchants get detailed sales reports and an instant-read dashboard that monitors key metrics, including:

Product performance—Improve stocking and marketing by identifying which items and services are selling well and which are falling behind.

Repeat and VIP customers—Create loyalty programs and personalized offers that strengthen customer relationships.

Local trends—Brainstorm ideas for increasing foot traffic by analyzing how area competitors are doing.

Cash flow—Avoid financial problems by tracking money in and out.

3. Customize with powerful apps.

In place of one-size-fits-all solutions, Clover POS terminals are easy to customize to suit a business’ needs. Check out the Clover App Market to find dozens of time-saving, efficiency-boosting apps that work seamlessly with the system. Download and test some of the newest and most popular apps, including:

Time Clock by Homebase handles critical tasks such as clocking employees in and out, tracking cash and credit card tips, generating payroll-ready timesheets, scheduling staff, managing time-off requests and shift trades, and sending people reminders an hour before their shift begins.

SimpleOrder manages inventory and purchasing for food trucks, pop-ups, and other spaces where every inch counts. With one click, the app lets merchants stock up on needed items.

Insights uses charts and graphs to pinpoint top-selling products and revenue generators, ticket sizes, number of new and returning customers, and sales over time. The app even offers neighborhood stats that show where people are spending and how your own sales stack up.

TableMapp visually maps a restaurant’s floor plan, letting employees see which tables are new, which have placed an order, and which have paid their bill—simple insights for improving service.

Coupons N’ Combos helps you sell off excess product and clear space for more profitable items by creating any combo, discount, and coupon combination imaginable.

4. Future-proof the business.

No one can afford to stagnate. That’s especially true for small businesses competing with brick and mortars, large companies, and online merchants. You need to be fast, flexible, and often operating in multiple channels.

For many businesses, that means an online presence is essential. Whether you want to expand into the digital marketplace or simply refresh a website, the Clover POS offers a one-stop solution: Clover Online Store.

The online store simplifies the process of creating a professional, personalized website with e-commerce functions. It consolidates data from both physical and digital stores, while the responsive design works on all devices. Customers get a wide variety of payment options, and are protected with end-to-end encryption and security updates.

5. Go mobile.

A five-minute wait might seem like no big deal when your staff is hustling to accommodate everyone. But customers often perceive wait times as much longer than they actually are, causing frustration and even desertions.

To keep customers happy, fast-paced businesses need to rethink the payment experience. The Clover Mobile processes every payment type reliably and safely, from any location or from multiple spots. Mobile card payments are seamlessly integrated with cash sales and register transactions.

A mobile-enabled credit card terminal goes where the customers are. Break up long lines at the counter by equipping employees with Clover handheld devices. Quicken the checkout process by bringing it tableside, or to the customer in your store or salon. Expand your operation to sell at farmer’s markets and festivals, or to launch a food truck or catering branch of the business.

Next to Clover, the standard credit card terminal looks like a lumbering dinosaur. The Clover point-of-sale system offers the speed, power, and functionality that small business owners need to compete now and into the future.

[image: Credit Cards by Sean MacEntee on flickr]

Clover is sold by leading U.S. banks including Bank of America, BBVA, Citi, PNC, SunTrust and Wells Fargo. You’ll also find Clover at our trusted partners including CardConnect, Restaurant Depot, and Sam’s Club. For more information, visit us at