5 Ways You Can Drive Sales On National Coffee Day

September 20, 2016

According to Zagat, the average American adult drinks 2 to 3 cups of coffee a day. Enticing them to buy your coffee over the competition is a great way to get loyal customers. National Coffee Day is right around the corner on September 29, 2016. If you don’t have anything planned yet, there’s still time and we’ve got the apps to get you started.

Here are 5 ways to promote your business on National Coffee Day:

Offer free coffee to loyal customers.

If you’re going to give it away, give it to people who sign up for your rewards program. Promos offers simple ways to capture customers’ contact information so you can market relevant products to them later.

Don’t offer a rewards program yet? Our free Rewards app enables Clover merchants to launch a fun, effective loyalty program within minutes. In fact, a great way to launch your rewards program is offering a free perk just for enrolling. A great cup of joe to celebrate National Coffee Day makes the perfect incentive to jump-start your program.

Dress up your coffee for free.

Free coffee is great, but that alone is not really a differentiating factor. What makes your coffee better than the competition’s? Does your store have a special way to dress up coffee—maybe with a killer brioche or biscotti? Do you offer flavor shots? Offering a free add-on for the holiday is a great way to advertise your unique twist on the coffee ritual. Not only is this a way to get more customers in the door—if they enjoy your one-of-a-kind treats they are more likely to pay for them in the future.

Conduct a social media contest.

Want your coffee to go viral? Ask customers to post photos of themselves enjoying your coffee during the holiday. Monitor engagement using Hopr or use a special hashtag. Offer the customer with the most-shared image free coffee for a week.

Give the gift of coffee and build your word-of-mouth.

Buying someone a cup of joe is a great way to say thank you, so facilitate this with a free referral program. Using the Customer Referral Reward app you can capture not only the walk-in’s contact information, but their friends’ and coworkers’ as well. Research from Wharton shows that a customer who was referred to you is 18 times more likely to come back as a loyal customer over time than the average customer, so generate some organic leads through referrals.

Spread the love.

Make your loyal customers the office hero: Give them coupons or a new promotion if they buy four or more coffees. Coupons N Combos generates printable coupons automatically when certain combinations are purchased. You’ll introduce an entire office to your coffee and drum up some repeat business.

We’ve got everything you need to boost sales. Check out the Clover App Market for more ideas.

[image: No 17: In Your Hand by elizalO on flickr]

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