5 marketing tools to boost your restaurant’s visibility

August 10, 2017

This is a guest post by the team at SimpleOrder.

With the preponderance of social media and restaurant search platforms, it’s never been more important to stay up to date and in charge of your restaurant’s message. However, trying to manage multiple accounts, respond to reviews, and keep up with your most frequent customers can be challenging. Here are four modern marketing tools every restaurant should know and utilize to extend their reach, promote better exposure, and connect to their patrons.


Search engines have never been more important than they are today for any business, but they are particularly crucial for restaurants since most customers are searching using mobile phones and conversion is often immediate. According to a report from Google, 60 percent of restaurant searches on mobile devices lead to conversions within one hour.

To get your restaurant listed high on search platforms, Yext is just the tool. Customers searching the web for dining options need to find your restaurant, but restaurant managers and owners don’t always have the time to upload all their information across the hundreds of platforms across the web.

Yext manages all of your information across multiple search engines and restaurant search platforms including Google, Google+ Business, Facebook, Yelp, Bing, and more. Yext not only makes sure that all of your information is up-to-date and accurate, it helps your online search optimization—based on keywords related to your business—making it easier for people to find you.


If your restaurant has a strong social media presence and manages a variety of social media streams, it might be a good idea to invest in an app like Buffer. Buffer allows restaurants to manage their social media presence more efficiently by being able to post across all channels in one easy to use platform and schedule posts accordingly. Buffer’s content analytics system can direct you to optimal post times for the greatest exposure. You might be doing a great job at Facebook or Instagram, but Buffer can take this even further, connecting directly to twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.


For restaurants that have active social streams and are continuously updating their page with engaging and interesting content, Tint is a beneficial tool. Tint curates all photos and content related to your business by aggregating content throughout the internet that is specifically related to your restaurant’s concept. Tint uses auto-moderation technology to collect the most relevant topics into one library, and makes it easy to reach out to the original publisher to receive permission for photo use. Through the TINT platform, restaurants can download photos and share them across their social media platforms. Analytics tell you how your user generated posts are succeeding so you can monitor your own performance.

Falcon Social

Customer reviews, generated mostly through social media pages, are one of the most important ways your restaurant can communicate with guests and respond effectively to requests or concerns. However, keeping track of reviews across multiple sites can be rather tedious. Falcon Social provides your restaurant a single inbox for all comments and reviews on your social media feeds, so that any feedback can be replied to properly and in a timely manner. What’s more is that Falcon social creates individual profile cards for your customers, so that your restaurant can create custom experiences and target marketing more effectively.

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