5 free tools to improve your online presence

January 2, 2018

Marketing your business effectively doesn’t always have to cost money. You can get your business in front of new and existing customers simply by improving your online presence. Many customers will research a business online before ever stepping foot in the door. It pays to make your business more visible online.

Here are five free ways to improve your online presence:

1. Add Your Business to Google My Business.

According to eBiz, Google still represents 72.48% of online searches. Make sure your business is not only visible on Google, but that your business listing is complete and accurate.

Google sources their information from various sources, including verified business owners (like you), business websites, users who offer reviews, and third parties. If Google sees a social media profile that appears to be your business, it might take information from that source, or from sites that offer relevant services such as GrubHub and UrbanSpoon. If you don’t verify your business and complete the listing, your business might not include basic information such as a phone number, or worse, might have inaccurate or old information.

Here is Google’s official page to Google My Business.

2. Include your business on Apple Maps.

People with Apple devices are three times more likely to use Apple Maps Connect than other map services. Reaching this audience is as simple as adding your business to Apple Maps.

To get your business up on Apple Maps you’ll need an Apple ID. Start the process here. After logging in, identify yourself either as the business owner or authorized by the owner. Then confirm your location, business hours, website, and social media accounts. That’s it—you’ve just made your business more searchable on Apple devices!

3. Claim your business on Yelp.

Yelp is one of the most popular customer review sites for restaurants and services, with 142 million users every month. Claim your business and you’ll be able to add photos, link to your website, and make sure all your basic information like business hours and phone number, are complete and accurate.

Even better, claiming your business allows you to interact with customers and respond (privately or publicly) to reviews. Get started: claim your business on Yelp.

4. Optimize your website for search engines.

Some research indicates that when customers use Google to search for something, 90% of the time they click on organic search results, not on ads. Making your organic results both visible and persuasive is an important part of your marketing plan.

SEO doesn’t always mean getting super technical—there are many common-sense and simple tweaks you can make to your site to increase visibility.

5. Join a social media platform.

Social media is another great tool to spread the word-of-mouth about your company and increase your online presence. The most common social media platforms for business are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but that doesn’t mean they are the only options or even the right sites for your business.

Consider having a presence on places such as Pinterest or YouTube where you can post images or videos of your products and really highlight what makes your business unique. If your business caters to aficionados, for example, having high-quality images of unique items on Pinterest with a link back to your site can really increase traffic. Once you’ve done the basics, don’t forget to encourage reviews from happy customers and to respond to posts about your business. If you see negative reviews, respond promptly, but carefully. Once you’ve done the basics, don’t forget to encourage reviews from happy customers and to respond to posts about your business. If you see negative reviews, consider responding promptly but carefully.

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Featured image: Eaters Collective/Unsplash

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