4 advantages to switching to a pay-at-table model

April 18, 2017

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When you’re running a restaurant, customer service is everything. The better you can make their dining experience, the more likely they are to become a repeat customer. One of the best ways to enhance the dining experience is by improving wait staff efficiency by helping your customers wait less.

Paying the check can easily become a point of needless delay. This post will take a quick look at four advantages of embracing a pay-at-table model.

Make customers happier.

By letting your customers pay at the table, you’ll empower them to leave when they’re done. By not having to wait on the server to complete their transaction, they’ll save time and, by proxy, enjoy a more pleasant dining experience.

Flip tables faster.

When you stop relying on outdated point-of-sale systems that tether your staff to a single spot in the back, you cut down on the number of trips they have to make back and forth through the course of a meal. The result? Diners are able to order, eat and pay faster than ever before, giving you the chance to have tables bussed and ready for seating faster than ever before. You’ll stop running your waitstaff ragged too.

Grant more peace of mind.

With the increase in credit card fraud, customers are still on edge when they hand their credit cards over to a waiter to run out-of-sight. By letting customers pay at the table, you reduce that worry immediately, especially when your portable point-of-sale solution is PCI-compliant.

Sell more stuff.

There’s an inherent freedom customers feel when paying at their table. This freedom encourages guests to order more than they normally would — drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts. Think about it: when guests know settling the check at your establishment is easy, it’s more tempting to tack something else onto your order. By encouraging guests to explore every part of your menu and removing previous barriers to entry, you’ll find the average customer spend will start to climb higher.

It’s time to embrace the possibilities of empowering staff to accept payments table-side, right where the customers are. With a solution like Clover Flex, you can do just that. It’s the full-featured device that gives you the ability to take payment directly to the customer — whether that’s tableside, in the shopping aisle, in a salon chair, or anywhere else. With all the latest technologies embedded in a single portable device, you’ll free your hands, your mind and your staff for the things that really matter — improving the customer experience.

Featured image: El Patron restaurant, Iowa City by Alan Light

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