3 reasons to embrace line busting

May 15, 2017

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Some people see a huge line inside (or coming out of) a store as a problem. Not us. We see it as a badge of honor — and a sign that a business must be doing something right. After all, people won’t waste their time standing around in lines for products or services that are subpar. So even though long lines are a good problem to have, merchants still need to figure out the best way to keep that line moving. Some merchants address this by employing “line-busting”: turning a long wait-time into a shorter one for an improved customer experience.

Here’s why your goal should be to turn those long lines into happy customers as quickly as you can.

Time is of the essence.

No matter what business type, all customers’ value their time above all else. Studies show that a seven-second reduction in customer wait times increases a chain’s market share by as much as 1 percent. Think about what a one percent bump could mean to your long-term success. A fast, efficient check-out process promotes customer happiness, encourages repeat business, and directly improves the bottom line.

Encourage customer interaction.

Most merchants don’t hire staff to be silent or work in a vacuum. On the contrary, among other reasons, you probably hired them for their good personalities. Freeing employees from being behind the counter empowers them to engage with customers in line as they take their orders. This builds a natural rapport, improves customer service and satisfaction, and solidifies your spot as a preferred business customers will return to.

Sell more product in the same amount of time.

One of the biggest benefits of moving customers through the line more quickly is the ability to serve more people in the same amount of time. Another benefit is having customers wanting to order more because they know their wait isn’t going to be as long. Yet another benefit: customers are less likely to bail entirely because they’re standing with a long line that shows no signs of moving. Either way, line-busting boosts sales with minimal effort.

Hopefully you’re convinced it’s time to make line-busting a priority. But how? Step one should be upgrading your current point of sale system to enable staff to move beyond the counter, taking orders from customers while they wait in line. Our latest product, Clover Flex, is a full-featured device that meets all your payment and POS needs. With all the latest technologies embedded in a single portable device, you’ll free your hands, your mind and your countertop for the things that really matter — better servicing your customers.

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